Player Unknown’s Battleground or PubG has introduced a new map as a part of a patch 0.8.0. This is Tencent’s one of the popular smartphone game, which includes new features and introduces – Sanhok, an entirely new map. You will also get some other updates like anti-cheating measures and some changes to Clans among another improvement.

The new Sanhok map is based on a rainforest setup which can be downloaded independently. Some new weapons and vehicles are also brought along with the map. A rare Flare Gun is also included when you call from the inside play zone for a super airdrop. And it brings a Bulletproof UAZ when used outside the pay zone. The QBZ automatic rifle fires 5.56mm rounds and also makes a debut with the map. It has both full-auto and single shot. You can see a new attachment which increases the horizontal spread and reduces vertical spread called Duckbill.

pubg new update

The new map is a four-seater which brings Bulletproof UAZ as for the vehicles. It was already mentioned above that the vehicle can only be driven when it is called using the Flare Gun. You can also get four seated new muscle car which comes in two versions, convertible and hardtop. Clan perks are also introduced in this new PubG patch where the players will get a certain amount of US, which you can share with other clan members.


You can also equip or purchase new clan titles and this season or week clan ranking now lists more active clans. There are improved recognition for a cheating plugins, Basic information, report buttons to spectator mode and results are also brought by the PubG update.

The players also get a chance to get an airdrop after every match that is also with customized contents.  The most improved feature is that the friends cannot be deleted in batches, 3D previews of vehicles for the shop section, an accidental friendly fire will not be penalized.

PUBG Mobile Update Brings New Maps And Bulletproof Vehicles
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