Recently, PUBG or Player Unknown Battleground for PC has the new update and fixes many bugs as well. Previously it has seems that there are many bugs and errors are facing while playing this game. However, the recent 21 update gives you a new mode weapon, vehicle, attachment and more. The developer team also gives some improvements for the multiplayer. Now you can avail the better reward system while will surely improve the playing experience in all sense. During the match, there is a less chance to face the annoying errors if we compare it to the early time. As a result, PUBG season 3 players will experience some of the new things after the update has applied in their game.

In the 21 Update, the user can avail one training mode which will allow you to start to practice various mechanics. While you complete the practice, it will never let you be killed.  To try out various skills to take one place, this is not so big as 200X200KM island, and start the training mode with 14 zones. Here you can able to practice various kinds of things like consumables effect, try out new grenades, swing up weapons, run over the rooftops, parachute landing, shooting via various ranges of guns, off-road driving, boat piloting, control the speed of vehicle road twisting and many more.

New things in the current update:

In the current new update PUBG Lite, you will get the assault rifle, which named as MK47. With the help of this rifle, you can hold up 20 round clips with 7.62 ammo. You can fire in both single shots as well as two round based burst modes. In proper need, you can attach the assault rifle rather than the default stock. Next, to it, you can avail one off-road vehicle which is somewhat slower than the motorcycles but you handle it smoothly in the off-road in a better way.

After this update, you can also add more things in the game like an objective system where you get the reward for complete the task easily in matches. If you want, you can add markers on your own compass and translate your friends or teammate compass. It also helps you to select or determine the way of threat more easily at the different point of the map. Talking about the bug fix, early there was an error in connecting XBOX controller to PC. Now the error has removed and you will get the drop-down menu to report on the screen.

Final Word:

Finally, it seems many other bugs like character misplace in location, vehicles unspecified location, wrong weapons location, camera corrupt problem and much more. Until now, PUBG has become one of the most interesting multiplayer game for both mobile and PC. Now every critical issue and error get the fix after the Update 21 on PUBG for PC. If you want to experience the live updates then open this game on your PC and start to play this game now with your team. All the changes made in this game for the players only such that they can play those game without facing any further issues.

New Update Is Available For PUBG On PC – Better Gaming Experience
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