WhatsApp is amazingly notorious among the online users. It gives us the freedom to connect people from any corner of the world, which is obviously for free. Despite sharing thoughts with free texts and calls, there is another most loved feature is video call in WhatsApp. We already started loving this feature in WhatsApp app, which is definitely an advanced communication. Many of the WhatsApp users wish to record their voice call and video call but this feature is not available in this app. So, how to record WhatsApp video calls? Well, this article for those who have the same question in their mind. You should keep in mind that there is not any dedicated WhatsApp video call recorder app present. Sometimes there could be a memorable video call, which may you wish to save as momentum. Not sometimes but it happens at the times with very obvious.

record video calls whatsapp

By recording the video calls in WhatsApp app, it can be watched them later on. In this way, this app would be more useful and even you would love to use video calls more frequently. You can also enjoy more features of using the GB WhatsApp apk app for Android.

How to Record WhatsApp video calls [iOS/Android]

WhatsApp is always been favorite for of the online users as an instant messenger. Since the video and voice call feature has been enabled, people loved using it. But WhatsApp video call recording feature is not enabled on Android; neither on iOS devices. Probably this one of the most desirable features among most of the video callers in WhatsApp but sadly, the official is not coming with this feature and there is the rumor about it.

So, how about using some tricks for it and enable WhatsApp video call recorder app feature on your respective smartphone? Yes, this can be done with help of some tips, which you need to follow. By enabling this feature, you will be free to save all video calls on your device directly. And make a fun of this video, as most of your friends would not know how you did it. Pretty cool feature it would be, right?

record video calls whatsapp

And if you just come to know about this thing than you might be interested to know “how?

Here we will be including the possible methods for recording WhatsApp video call on Android and iOS phones. Yes, there are some ways to enable WhatsApp video call recording feature and definitely going to rise up the user experience of WhatsApp app.

Well, there are some tricks to enable this feature on your iOS/iPhone/iPad and Android Smartphone/tablet. And this article is for to showcase all things on how to record WhatsApp video calls on your existing device.

Record WhatsApp videos on iOS/iPhone/iPad:

WhatsApp is extensively popular on any operating system and iOS is not exceptional in this case. Well, as said before, with the help of WhatsApp you can even record on an iOS running device. Check how to make it possible if you own an iOS, iPhone, iPad and WhatsApp app on it. You might have a confusion WhatsApp video call is safe? Well, it is completely free to use.

ApowerMirror: WhatsApp Video Call Recorder for Android and iOS

This is name is very renowned for screen mirroring from your iOS and Android device to your desktop. This application is the simplest way to mirror your iPhone/iPad or iOS device and Android device. You can record any of your device screen action as well as WhatsApp video call recording. You can also call it a WhatsApp video call recording app.

Because a compelling feature as screen recorder enables WhatsApp video call recording feature. So, our main intention is here, where you need to download ApowerMirror application on your Windows PC/laptop. This software can be downloaded for free and also, can be used for free. Now, if you wish to record your WhatsApp video calls then at the very first download ApowerMirror on PC.

Download for Windows PC

How to?

  • Install the application on your PC and launch the app.call recording app whatsapp
  • Here you need to sign up for this app. Now connect the PC to a Wi-Fi network.
  • In next, connect your smartphone device to the same Wi-Fi network. Now if you use the iOS device then Tap on Screen Mirroring.iphone whatsapp video call
  • And the Android user can tap Mirror button.whatsapp video recorder app
  • Now, your device screen will be mirrored on your PC screen. Finally, go for a video call and click on Screen Record icon in ApowerMirror application and WhatsApp video call will get recorded. Again click on the same icon to finish recording and recorded video will be saved on your PC.

So, these were the steps to record WhatsApp video using ApowerMirror application. As you can see the setup process is quite simple. Just download the app, connect to the same Wi-Fi network and start mirroring. With the record button, start recording any of your screen action.

Please Note: Android device needs an Apower app to use this feature that you can download the app from Google Play Store.

Rec. Screen Recorder – Exclusive for Android Users!!

This is another powerful screen recorder specially designed for the users. Using this recorder WhatsApp video call can be recorded and saved for future use. Unlike above app, this also comes for free to download and also free use. Rec. Screen Recorder runs on Android 4.4 and later version and another good thing is that you don’t need PC or other devices.whatsapp video call recorder app

Rec. Screen Recorder can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Download it now and enable screen recording feature on your Android device. Afterwards, every WhatsApp video call can be recorded as you desire. So, how to record with this app? Check out for this concern in below-

How to?

  • Download Rec. (Screen Recorder) from this link.
  • Tapping the link will redirect you to Google Play Store, which will start downloading this app and as you know it will get installed automatically.
  • As you will be recoding WhatsApp video call. Open Rec. app and go to Settings; enable Audio option. Enabling this feature will record video with audio.record video calls on android
  • Start screen recording in Rec app and now start a video call in WhatsApp.
  • After ending the Video call go to the Rec app and stop recording. WhatsApp video call recorded video will be saved in the destination folder.record video calls iphone

As said before many of the time we wish to record video calls from WhatsApp. But this is not possible with the official WhatsApp app, as this feature is not yet enabled. However, with help of third-party apps like screen recording app is very useful for this respective concern. I have added two screen recorder, which will definitely help to record WhatsApp video call.

Final Verdict:

Now, if you have been looking for the best idea on how record WhatsApp video calls then hope every detail you got on this page. Let me know if you know any other ways to record WhatsApp video call that you know or for any inconvenience drop a comment in below.

How To Record WhatsApp Video Calls on Android & iOS [Full Guide]
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