Snapchat is one of the best media sharing social media platform after the Instagram has gone through lots of criticism for the Snapchat app for Android phone. Even though if the Snapchat is one of the best platforms to share your photos or edit your photos with crazy filters and then share it with your friends online. But the Snapchat Android app is being sluggish and limping lacking the experience of the platform compared to the iOS Snapchat app. It is been commented by most of the Android Snapchat users that they would like to see the redesign of the Android version of the app soon.


So the company has promised that they are going to redesign the app taking care of the app experiences and also omitting out the sluggish, bugs and much more. You can already have the beta version of the app and test it on your Android phone and rate the app. But wait there are some few things that you should know before downloading the beta version of the new Snapchat redesigned application especially for Android phones.

What are the Changes made:

In the latest version of the Snapchat app, you will find the new version of the alpha build app is founded by the famous app researcher by Jane Manchun Wong. The new and redesigned version of the Snapchat app does have lots of visual changes which now looks similar to the iOS Snapchat app. Also, there are some changes in the interface of the app, making it more smooth and easy to use.

alpha snapchat

Both XDA developers and Jane Wong have quoted that the new Snapchat emoji version is more focused on performance. The app also seems to be faster and also cleaner than the previous version of the Snapchat Android app, so you will not find the choppiness of the app. With the good performance the beta version of the app also has many missing settings options like messaging, camera app, snap codes and much more. Also as the application is in beta version so you will come through lots of updates any time, lots of bugs yet to be fixed, the app breaks down most of the time. So if you are planning to upgrade to the beta version then we would like to suggest you stick with the old version of the Snapchat app, but if you want to go ahead with the new version then read more below.

Get Snapchat new Beta version:

Well for downloading and installing the beta version of the new Snapchat app for Android you will need to root your Android phone. As the beta version of the app only comes for the rooted Android phone. So if you are not having any Android rooted phone then you are unable to get the beta version of the alpha Snapchat app. The main part is that there is also no perfect date when will the original version of the new Snapchat will release in the Play Store.

So these are all about the new Snapchat redesign version of the application which is claimed to be similar to the iOS version. As we have mentioned above the app will have lots of design and interface changes. But with all the good thing the beta version of the app is also missing lots of settings from the settings option of the app. Comment down if you are also eager to use the latest version of the Snapchat app.

Redesign Snapchat Beta Available in Alpha – Only Available For Root Android
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