How to Repost on Instagram the Right Way – Within Few Seconds

You can share your photos and videos on your Instagram account and sharing with friends, similar to like you do on Facebook. But the interesting part of Instagram is that you can also repost on Instagram the right way someone’s photo or video on your Instagram feed which you have liked a lot. Reposting on Instagram which is also called as Regramming is very easy, and there are lots of ways you can regram anyone’s post on Instagram. So here in this article, we will share you about how to repost on Instagram the right way.


The methods to repost on Instagram is very simple with some simple clicks you will be able to repost any photos or videos. Well, you need to follow different methods for reposting or Regramming Photo and Videos. Not to worry we will share all the methods for how to repost on Instagram the right way the photos, videos and even the Instagram story. So let’s have a look at the methods you need to follow to regramm the right way.

Tips on how to repost on Instagram the right way:

There might be a different reason why you want to repost someone’s else Instagram post,  but you are taking their post and posting it on your profile you must follow some steps. So if you want to do it in the right way then you shall take permission of the account from where you want to repost and many other like this. Let’s have a look at the tips that you must follow before reposting.

1. Aski Permission: Before reposting any post or video from any profile, you must remember that you are using their content and their hard work. So before doing anything, you must take permission from them, you can either sent them a quick message about the repost also you can comment down about the repost.

2. Edit: When you are reposting any photo or video, you must make sure that you don’t edit the content for your own good. You shall always post the original content, just like the way you have picked from the someone’s profile. This is an unspoken rule of Instagram which says that if you are reposting anything then you shall not edit the content and try to make it your own.

3. A credit of content: When you are reposting any content you shall never try to keep your own post. It is not only cool to make other’s content yours, but it is also illegal according to the Instagram rule. So to give credit to anyone profile then you can follow some few tricks for example: @username on your Instagram caption. Also in you can comment down and pin your comment mentioning the post from which profile you have taken.

So these are the tips that you should follow before you regram on Instagram in the right way. As you have to know about the tips to take care of while reposting, now let’s have a look at the steps on how to repost an Instagram post.

How to repost Photo on Instagram:

1. Screenshot of the post: You can repost any photo on the Instagram by doing a screenshot and saving them on your phone device. You shall only do or follow this method if you are not having any more space for another application on your phone. You can follow this method on both Android and iOS device. Well taking a screenshot on different devices may be different, most of the phone has the features of taking a screenshot by pressing the Power button and Volume down button at the same time on your phone. So simply take a screenshot of the picture you want to report and then simply post it on your Instagram feed.


While posting the photo on your feed, you must make sure that you either tag the photo to the original owner or you can also mention the owner of the photo in the caption of the post that you have updated. So simply select the photo you have screenshotted and upload to Instagram, you can also use the filter of Instagram of your own. After all this simple add your own caption and also ass the owner of the content and simply upload it to your feed that’s it. So these are ways that you need to follow to report any content from Instagram on your feed by Screenshot.

2. Reposting apps: Well if you don’t want to take a screenshot as you need to crop the photo and make some edits which are nearly irritating sometimes. Then you can also use some reposting apps on your device, there are lots of application that you can install from the app market. You can install reposting apps like Repost for Instagram or InstaRepost. Simply install the app on your phone (This application is available for both Android and iOS devices) and then open the Instagram app and get the post that you would like to repost on your Instagram feed.

reposting app

After you got the post that you want to repost, simply click on the 3 dots present above the post and then click on the “Copy Share URL” option to copy the link of the post. After you have copied the Share URL successfully, the repost app will automatically notice that you have copied the URL and you will be able to post the photo on your Instagram feed on the go with some few clicks. The only thing you need to keep in mind while reposting any photo or video with the Reposting apps is that you will not be able to change the captions of the post and the app will automatically give credit to the owner of the photo in the caption. So this is another easiest way you can repost your favorite photo or video on your Instagram feed.

3. Copy and Paste URL: The last thing you can do is you can copy and paste the URL of the post you want to repost, and also with this methods, you will not be able to repost Instagram post on your Instagram feed, whereas you will be able to repost Instagram post on Facebook. So to repost Instagram post on Facebook, open the Instagram app and the find out the post that you want to regram. After you have found out the post, click on the 3 dots menu button and then click on the “Copy Share URL” just like you have done in the second method of reposting.

instagram to FB

After copying the sharing URL simply minimize the Instagram app and then go to the Facebook app and then simply past the link that you have copied and then post it publically that’s it. So this is all you need to do to repost Instagram post on your Facebook feed for free.

4. Embed: If you have your own website and want to repost a photo or video from Instagram then you can simply embed the post on your website on any of the post. To embed simply open the Instagram app and then go to the post that you wanted to embed. After that right click on the post and then click on the “Embed code” option, you will get an embed code on your desktop screen so simply copy that. After copying the code go to your website post where you want to add and then simply paste it and publish the post on your website.

So these are methods that you need to follow for how to repost on Instagram the right way. Regramming is very simple just some few clicks and add a caption and you are all done. You can either use an application on your device for it, or you can also do it manually if you don’t have much space on your phone for installing another app. Well reposting other’s post on Instagram will really help you within both growing your profile and also you can show some natural activity on Instagram. So you can use any of the methods that we have mentioned above to do Instagram repost in the right way.

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