Get exclusive 100+ best Sad WhatsApp Status Collection 2018, which is definitely suitable updating WhatsApp in your sad moment. Hope, these set of statuses will be useful to express your heart felling moment better with WhatsApp contacts. This new collection of WhatsApp Sad Statuses are all new; so, if you are tired of old sad quotes then here may like it for sure. By using these unique sad WhatsApp updates you can now easily express and share your feelings with others in your mood off session.

Now you do not have to overthink about the words or look for it anywhere else, you are about to get it right here. You simply don’t have to look or get creative to set your WhatsApp status of how you feeling right now. Each of these WhatsApp statuses will describe the bitter mood that you have in your heart and mind for others. Previously we have written about Funny WhatsApp status ideas which you can also check out.

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So. let us get into this heartbroken status for this popular messaging app and make a great use of WhatsApp Update Space. If you find any of the sad lines exceeded the maximum character then opt out advanced WhatsApp modified version or GBWhatsApp latest apk.

Heart Touching 100+ Best Sad WhatsApp Status:

Are you going through with your recent breakups? Did you have a bad past with your love life or any other incident occurred to you? And right now are you feeling broken or emotional or sad due to many things happening to you right now. In such situations, especially in today’s world people like to share their thoughts on a social network or in multimedia messaging apps. This IM is a most used messaging app and has gained its reputation with increasing numbers of users around the world. We have come up with a list of 100 + mood off WhatsApp Status just for you WhatsApp app users.

100+ Best Sad WhatsApp Status Updates 2018

100+ Sad WhatsApp Status Collection 2018
The love for you and me remains incomplete since the day you broke our relationship.
I had everything in my life when we were together. But the moment you left me. I had lost everything, nothing is left.
With the time got changed, even you are changed now.

You took my breath away, the moment you left me here all alone.
I will be waiting here for you until the day you come back to me.
Love will keep us alive, without it’s very hard to survive.
The hardest moment is to stay without talking to the one, you used to each day you awake and go to sleep.
Sometimes I am scared to smile. Because each time I do something always goes wrong.
I have nothing to lose, not anymore.
Why I ‘am scared to lose you, when you are not mine?
I always pretend to be Okay. But deep down I’ am actually dying.
I gave you my whole heart expecting I will get it back in return. But I was not expecting that I would get it back in pieces.
Never say goodbye to some you loved.
It really hurts when you love someone, but they don’t love you back.
You are the darkest-hearted person, I’ve ever known.
If you don’t want to get hurt then I prefer you stay alone.
You are not that person anymore, whom I used to know.
Memories settle in your mind. And it’s very hard to let it go.
Do remember me when I am gone.
Holding on is heavy and it’s hard to survive like that.
Don’t cry over someone who does not respect your feelings.
The worst part of my life is losing you.
Without pain, you never knew the true beauty of life.
Everyone else might forget you but a true friend always remembers you.
I know you have been through worst time and I know what it feel like.
Stop hurting me and let me go.
I have nightmares and I am started to lose faith.
Take me to the place where I can find peace.
I have seen the devil and it is trying to drag me down.
I have been through so much of pain, and it is hard to resist.
There is no cure for loneliness and pain.
Every day I wake to feel the same remembering all the pain I’ve been through.
Without you, nothing else matters in my life.
I am silent that does not mean I am weak.
Lost my way, show me the light.
Lost my faith and I see only darkness.
For God Sake! It is for your own good. And no one knows better than me.
Life is like a flow of the river, with many curves.
Even I get angry at people very fast. But I easily forgive them too.
Someday you will know how much I loved you.
Learn to respect people because only a few deserve it.
I have no will to survive.
The worst feeling ever is getting ignored by your closed ones.
What I’ve become, I was not devil once.
I will value the men whom I knew. Not this stranger you have become.
Earn respect by giving one.
The biggest mistake of our life is that thinking devil does not exist.
I feel like giving up, no more strength to live.
I don’t need anyone. And I stand tall and strong.
I have sacrificed so much in life, just to see you happy and smile.
You were the only person there for me when I needed someone the most.
The only that left of me and you is our photograph. 
To learn hiding anger, start practicing smile on the mirror.
I would jump from the top of the Mount Everest and happily land your arms.
Promise me that you will never give up on me.
Tired of being here waiting for you my love to return.
Silent speaks louder than the sound.
You were supposed to make me the happiest but you broke your promises.
Wipe away all the bittersweet memories that we have together. Each time I remember it makes me hard to survive.
Hurt me thousands of times. But I will still love you.
True love is something that does not exist in today’s world.
I fell stab on my back with a knife the moment you betrayed me.
I never meant to do those things to you. I never did.
Just give me one reason to hate you.
I wish I could take all of your pain and buried it in my heart.
The only reason behind my smile used to be you. But now you are gone and took it away with you.
Tired of everything, give me some space to breathe.
Each time I expect something good to happen. It always turns out to be bad.
I miss you. I wish I could reverse the time back and get to you.
No one what it feels like to be alone, to be ignored?
Your happiness is not important than mine. I just want to see you happy.
I have a will to survive only because you were there for me.
You cannot imagine how disappointed you can get over your failures.
I need a long rest. And I wish to never wake up.
Your voice is still on my head. And it makes me suffer.
You promised that you will come back. But you could never make it.
What is the point of screaming to the people, when there is no one to listen to you?
Leaving you was the biggest mistake of my life.
When you are having the bad phase of life. Remember there is always someone to have your back.
My love for you will never change and die.
Like everyone else even you have changed.
Money is not everything and you can buy happiness with it.
Today you don’t value me. But one day you will realize and respect me.
Gone are those great college days and it is never coming back.
Never expect too much from someone or else you will get disappointed.
I cannot imagine my life without you.
Just hold my hand and take an oath not to leave me.
All I thought was just a dream. And it felt so real.
Come back to me because I still love you and always need you.
I know I have made mistakes but just give me another chance to fix it.
I kept on running from my past and it never stops chasing me.
The day you died the purpose of living my life is gone.
You say I cannot understand. But you are the one who is not trying to understand me.
The truth is you never loved me.
All the words that you have told me were just a lie.
I cannot stop hating myself for all the wrongs I have done.
You kept on running never gave me an opportunity to talk to you.
I know I Am not perfect. So are you?
You better stop blaming yourself and move on.
Nobody listening to what I have to say.
We walk the path together this far but yet there is a distance between us.

Final Words:

So, these are the complete list of 100+ Sad WhatsApp Status Updates we have collected just for you. Now if you wish to speak anything through your WhatsApp updates you better choose any of these heart touching quotes for WhatsApp. Pick any of the above mentioned sad statuses and set as your WhatsApp status by today. Express how you feeling today with your contacts list be it friends, family or co-workers. By using this status is the way to speak out what you are going through in life and have in your heart. I & he are right with you on occasion

100+ Sad WhatsApp Status 2018 | Sad Status For WhatsApp Collection!
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