As we have already mentioned in our previous article, that the big smartphone brand has faced very low sales with their flagship phone Galaxy S9 and S9+. Well, the company is trying lots of tricks like giving offers on phones, selling the phone cover as less as 10$ to sell out the phone. But as Samsung has already passed out the news of releasing the new flagship of 2019  that is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in early August this year. So till yesterday, it was being hoped by every tech reporter that Samsung should have gone through some discounts offer on their S9 series phones in order to increase the sales report to some present.

s9 price drops down

So today we have come through another news from Samsung saying that the company has decreased the price of the Galaxy S9 unlocked in the United States hoping to increase the sale of the phone before launching the Note 9. As they have declared a price drop on their flagship phone before launching the Note 9. So it will be very much interesting to check out the sales report for the S9 after this amazing offer on S9 unlocked phone on The United States.

Samsung has dropped the price of S9 unlocked:

Earlier today Samsung has dropped the price of S9 unlocked from $949 to $559 which is a huge discount from the brand itself, as the Note 9 phone release date have been forwarded. This offer will stay for 24 hours which means this offer will end up at 12 AM Pacific Standard Time zone. When big smartphone brands do reveal such big discount offers for a day, there is always a question Why they have given huge discounts on their flagship phones?

s9 smartphone

Well the reason, in this case, is that Samsung has now already revealed about the new Note 9 released in early August 2018 in NewYork. So now as they like to have a good up sale in the market of the US, the company has decided to drop the price of their leading flagship smartphone.

This price drop is a very big deal for all the Samsung fans, as most of the smartphone lovers are a fan of the Samsung brand. This offer may lead to either upsale the phone or either selling out the stocks of the phone before introducing the new Galaxy Note 9 with the new gen S Pen.

Is S9 cheaper or Note 9:

It is a very controversial topic to say if Note 9 would be cheaper than the S9 series or not? Because Samsung has recently failed out to sell out the S9 series in a year, as they were having low sales from the day one. So the only thing that we can imagine now about the Note 9 is that the phone will come in a new body kit than Note 8 and with all the futuristic features on the phone which would create another mark to target for other smartphone brands.

note 9

Note 9 is supposed to come with 6.3 inches Super AMOLED display and with a new generation S Pen. Yes, the phone is definitely going to release with a bigger battery than the S9, dual lens camera, and up to 512 GB internal storage. Coming to the price of the new Note 9, the price of the note series has always been on the highest mark which means we can expect the price from $900 to $1000. So as of now, we can compare the Note 9 phone with the iPhone X according to the price.

The perfect competitor of Galaxy S9:

As Samsung has dropped the price of the S9 for 24 hours, so let’s just have a look at the other phone which have the same price range originally and have almost the same specification like the S9 phone.

1. Moto z2 Play:  This is the best phone that you can purchase in the price range of $500 without any discounts or offers as the price range of the Moto Z2 play comes around $489. This is an advanced phone with the razor-thin design and lots of Moto-mods that you can use on this smartphone. You can snap this smartphone with  JBL booster speaker, moto gamepad, Moto projector, Moto 360 camera, Moto Insta-share polaroid printer and much more.

motoz2 play

  • The Phone Motoz2 play comes with the octa-core Snapdragon 626 chipset processor which is not better than the Samsung S9 processor.
  • The rear 12-megapixel camera capture any image really fast using the dual lens and dual pixel focus. So as compared to the S9 this phone has got a faster time in capturing photos.
  • Comparing with the Galaxy S9, the Moto Z2 play is also a good phone, but the battery life is not practically optimized, as it drains out pretty quick even if you are operating the phone normally.
  • Plus point of the Moto Z2 play is that the phone comes it different mods, which means you can transform your phone into a speaker, 360 cameras, polaroid printer, gaming console and much more.

2. OnePlus 5t: As you have already known that OnePlus brand is coming up with the budget phone which can compete with the big brand’s flagship phones when it comes to performance, practicality and in camera. So the Oneplus 5t is a great comparison to S9 after the price of the phone has dropped to $500.

oneplus 5t

  • Oneplus 5t comes with 6-inch display nearly bezel-less and with the 18:9 aspect ratio.
  • The advanced Face ID unlocks which is claimed better than the Apple’s in most of the cases.
  • This phone has got some good dual camera in action, the best part is that they have really used the dual camera to get good photos other than the bokeh effect.
  • This phone comes with Snapdragon 835 chipset which is better than the predecessor and it is far better than the S9 phone if compared to the performance of the phone.

3. Google Pixel 2: Google Pixel 2 is also one of the best competitors of the S9 phone even if the price of the S9 price goes up after the 24 hours. Pixel 2 is a product of Google with stock Android, and this phone has got some insane performance report in many tests by tech reviewers. Though this phone doesn’t come with a bezel-less screen and has big bezel both up and down, it is always neglected in front of the processor and photo quality of the phone. Also, the build quality of the phone is stronger than the S9 with a plastic back, so you don’t need to worry about breaking back glass like you do in the S9 phone. With the price range of $700, this is the best phone and perfect competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S9 phone.


  • The Google Pixel 2 comes with Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 chipset which really seems faster than the S9 smartphone.
  • This phone has a single rear camera with 12.2 megapixel which clicks better picture to compare with the picture taken by Galaxy S9 phone.
  • 5.0 inches display with super AMOLED, it seems smaller than the S9 but is Ok for the phone of this kind.
  • The only flaws of this phone are that there is no SD card slot.

It is not the only Pixel 2 is a good competitor of the S9, but the Pixel 2 XL is also head to head competitor of the S9+.

So these are the two phones that you can compare with the S9, as the company has dropped the price to $500. These phones are having some great features which you will lack on your S9 smartphone, but when it comes to picture quality, built quality and performance the S9 phone is still slightly better than the above two phones. So finally the company has dropped the price of the S9 unlocked phone for 24 hours which is a great offer, so have a look at the offer before the offer is finished.

Big Drop in Samsung Galaxy S9 Price – Is It Still Worth Buying?
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