Sixaxis Controller APK – Play Android Games Using PlayStation Controller

On Smartphone, gaming experience was not good enough until apps like Sixaxis showed up. What Sixaxis really does? We will get to that lately. Firstly, you must know that Sixaxis app is not free on Google Play. Fortunately, we can get Sixaxis Controller APK for free from other sources.

It’s also a fact that not all the unknown app portals available out there are worth our attention. Some of such sites provide corrupted APK files. Few do not provide updated APKs. Nevertheless, I will share a Sixaxis Controller APK downloading link to fulfill all kind of requirements.

Download Sixaxis Controller APK for Android

To understand what Sixaxis Controller App is, firstly, you need to know what Sixaxis is. Sixaxis is generally a gamepad introduced by Sony which is used for controlling gameplay in PlayStation 3 gaming console.

Sixaxis controller app

Sixaxis Controller is an app that allows you to use the Sony PlayStation on mobile gaming. It can connect PlayStation gaming controllers to your Smartphone without using any USB cable.

Sixaxis Features:

  • Sixaxis App supports to connect up to 4 Sixaxis, Navigation controllers, DualShock 4, and DualShock 3 at once.
  • It can run as a native gamepad in Android 3.1 and newer versions.
  • It has full support for Analog triggers and Analog sticks.
  • The app comes with keyboard emulation that allows mapping all the sticks and buttons to almost every Android key available.
  • Sixaxis Controller also comes with mouse emulation feature. It can configure buttons to enable mouse pointer on Android with mouse support.
  • The touch emulation also lets you to map analog sticks and buttons on the device screen.
  • You can play any of your desired game with complete analog support even if the device does not come with inbuilt controller support.

Things to Know Before Downloading Sixaxis Controller APK:

Before you download the Sixaxis Controller APK on your Android, you should know that it supports mostly with Sony original products only. Sony’s PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 are the best pair Sixaxis Controller App.

If you have bought any fake controller, it’s likely not to work with the app. Some fake controllers from Gasia are also seemed to work.

Another thing worth mentioning here, not all the Android device supports the app. So, you are suggested to check whether your device supports or not using an app called Sixaxis Compatibility Checker. This app is available on Play Store for free.

Download Sixaxis Compatibility Checker Here

When you have confirmed that your Android device works with the Sixaxis App, you have root your device as well. To use Sixaxis Controller APK your device will require Root access. When your device is ready, proceed to download and install Sixaxis Controller APK.

How to Use Sixaxis Controller APK on Android?

If you don’t wanna spend for Sixaxis Controller App on Play Store, you can get the APK file for free right here. I am also guiding you to use the app precisely.

Step 1: Tap or click the below link to download Sixaxis Controller APK for Android.


Step 2: Once the APK file is downloaded, locate the file through browser tab or device file explorer and open it.

Step 3: Hit the “Install” button and then wait for the complete installation of Sixaxis Controller APK.

Step 4: Once it is successfully installed, open the app and try pairing Android device with your controller.

Step 5: Connect your Android device with PlayStation controller using USB cable.

Step 6: Toggle the driver using Start and Stop button.

Step 7: Now, press the Power button of the controller to activate it.

Step 8: Change the input method to “Sixaxis Controller.”


That’s how you can download and install Sixasis Controller APK for free of cost. Hope the tutorial also helped you t0 connect PS3/PS4 controller to your Android phone using Sixaxis Controller App. If you have any question regarding Sixaxis Controller APK, feel free use the comment section.


Sixaxis Controller APK – Play Android Games Using PlayStation Controller
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