Snapchat Emoji Meanings 2018- What Does Emojis on Snapchat Mean?

Emojis have been playing a huge role in every social media platform, as it has become the source with which you are able to share your emotions through your text messages. This was the only use of Emoji’s in the world of social media, but as you already know that Snapchat comes out in a creative way to present or use the emoji that we use only to express our feelings on our text message. So this time also Snapchat have come up with a new way to use emojis in the platform. Here in this article, you will get to know about the Snapchat Emoji meanings which you need to know.

snapchat emoji meaning

As Snapchat is a snap sharing and multimedia platform where you can share your snaps, story and they don’t have many places to use the emoji and make the platform interesting. So they have used it in the name end of your friend’s list according to your activities with your friend. So here we are going to share you about the Snapchat emoji meanings that you see after the name of a friend in Snapchat, and we will also share you about how you can get that emoji after the name of your friend.

How Snapchat uses Emojis and Snapchat emoji meanings?

Snapchat is very creative in terms of using emojis to attract the users, they have first use the emoji in the Snapchat Trophy box and after that, they were using the emojis after the name of your friend in your chat box in Snapchat. This is also a reward that you get for staying active on Snapchat and have chats with your friend over Snapchat spending your time. There are many meanings of each emojis that you should know that you have achieved.

emojis meanings

Like in the Snapchat trophies, they unlock certain emoji in the trophies after you have reached certain points or scores using Snapchat sending snaps to your friends. So in the same way if you are having chats with your friend regularly and share snaps, video clips etc. there is likely that you can unlock an emoji that will show after the name of your friend. This Snapchat emoji stays secret which you can only view the emoji. So let’s have a look at the list of emojis that Snapchat uses and the Snapchat emoji meanings.

Snapchat emoji meanings:

  • Baby emoji 👶: You have just become friends with the person and started chatting.
  • Grimacing Face emoji 😬: This emoji stands for your mutual best friend (your best friend is their best friend. You must most of the snaps to the person that they do, it’s Awkward but its OK)
  • Yellow Heart Emoji 💛: This emoji means you are his/her best friend. Both of you share the most snaps with each other
  • Gold Star emoji 🌟: Someone has replayed the person’s snap in the last 24 hours which means they have something interesting in their snaps.
  • Smirking Face emoji😏 : They believe that you are their best friend….but they are not your best friend. They send you lots of snaps, but you don’t send them many snaps.
  • Pink Hearts emoji💕: You have been each other’s best friend for 2 months straight with no break.
  • Face with Sunglass emoji😎: Your one of the best friend is also best friend with others. You send them a lot of snaps and they also send you a lot of snaps.
  • Red Heart emoji❤️: You were best friends with each other for 2 weeks straight (dedication)
  • Hundered emoji💯: This emoji will only appear if you have done 100 Snapstreak. which means you snap back and forth with your best friend for 100 days straight.
  • Birthday Cake emoji🎂: This emoji will appear if your friend has a birthday today. This emoji will only appear if your friend has enabled the birthday party features in this Snapchat account.
  • Fire emoji 🔥: Fire emoji will show up only when you are on a Snapstreak with a person back and forth and your amount of snapping increases day by day consecutively.
  • Sand Clock Emoji⌛️: If you are on a Snapstreak then it is about to end, so send another Snapstreak to continue the pace.
  • Taurus Emoji ♉️: This will appear if your birthday is from April 21 – May 21
  • Aries Emoji ♈️: If your birthdate on your Snapchat account  is from March 21 – April 20 this emoji will appear
  • Gemini Emoji ♊️: This emoji will appear only when your birthday is from May 22 – June 21
  • Cancer Emoji ♋️: This emoji will come only if your birthdate is from June 22 – July 22
  • Leo Emoji ♌️: July 23- August 22 birthdate account will have this emoji
  • Virgo Emoji ♍️: August 23 – September 23 birthdate account have this emoji besides their name
  • Libra Emoji ♎️: September 24 – October 23 accounts will have this emoji
  • Scorpius Emoji ♏️: You can see this emoji on accounts birthday from October 24 – November 22
  • Sagittarius Emoji ♐️: Accounts having birthdate from November 23 – December 21 will have this emoji beside the account name.
  • Capricorn Emoji ♑️: Birthdate from December 22 – January 20 accounts will have the emoji
  • Aquarius Emoji ♒️: January 21 – February 19 birthdate
  • Pisces Emoji ♓️: Birthdate from February 20- March 20 will have this emoji besides their account name on their Snapchat emoji
  •  : You will see this emoji if you send any snap without sound to anyone
  • : This emoji will appear if you send anyone a text message
  • : You will see this emoji if you send a snap with sound
  • : You have received a chat message on your Snapchat
  • : If you have received a snap without any sound
  • : If you have received snaps with sound on your Snapchat account
  • : You will see this if your friend has opened a chat message
  • : If your friend has opened snap with sound.
  • :  If your friend viewed and received any cash.
  • : You will see this if your friend has opened a snap without sound.
  • : This will come when your friend has viewed your chat message.
  • : If your friend has viewed a snap that you have sent without sound.
  • : This will comes to view if your friend has checked your snap sent sound.
  • : The snap you have sent with sound has been viewed by your friend.
  • : The snap that you have sent without any sound has been viewed.

Note: You may see some emojis mostly like Red Alarm, Cactus, Pear, Folded hands or other emoji that are available besides the name of the account. This can be done only if you are a celebrity or a verified account in Snapchat. You can see any emoji let it any smiley or thing, so if you are a public figure then you can set any emoji that you want beside your Snapchat account name.

So these are all the Snapchat emoji meanings that you must know if you are a user of a Snapchat platform and shares most of your snaps and have lots of friends. Now as you know the meaning of the emojis that Snapchat uses in their platform, you will be able to know the meaning of the emojis that Snapchat wanted to tell you. Snapchat may also change the meaning of the emojis on their another app update, but as of now, these are the meanings of the emoji of Snapchat. Comment down below if you have known any of the emoji meaning before reading the article.

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