How To Take Snapchat Screenshot Without Being Caught [3 Simple Ways]

Snapchat was first launched in the year 2011, one of the best features for which the platform was mainly known for is the screenshot without permission. This feature means if you have snapped anything on your Snapchat profile let it be sexy, foolish, idiotic snap etc. and anyone has screenshot your snap, then you will get to know who has saved or screenshot your snap. This was the only features which have raised the app, as you can know what your followers and friends are doing with your snaps. So soon after the app was released and people have started using it, lots of users were looking up for the tricks to take Snapchay screenshot without even being noticed.

snapchat screenshots

Even though there is no official way by which you can screenshot any snap without being noticed, but there are some few tricks which you can use and save the story or snap that anyone has sent you before it gets deleted automatically. You may have read about many articles where they claimed to have ways to take Snapchat Screenshot. But after some few updates of Snapchats, those tricks are trashed and doesn’t work anymore. As you have already known about the Snapchat usernames, so in this article, we have come up with some new ways by which you can save others snaps without being seen by them.

Take Snapchat screenshot without being seen:

Snapchat is a huge media sharing app which allows its users to share snaps with friends and followers. But at the same time, Snapchat is also very creating in terms of emojis and trophies. But the main plus point of this platform is that you can send your ugly, beautiful, lazy, funny snaps to any of your friends and it will get vanished from the profile after 10 minutes. So there is no chance that your friend shows your snap to other people. Also if your friend screenshots your snaps then you will get a notification and can take action. The developer of this platform has built the system in such a way that you can see who have screenshot your snaps with the profile name of their account.

So here are the steps that you can follow to take Snapchat screenshots without even being seen by the sender. Remember these are not the perfect way, but this may help you in saving the snap.

1. Quicktime Screen Capture: If you are using Apple products then you can also save snaps without even being noticed by the sender using the Quicktime screen capture software on your Apple PC. Connect your iPhone with your PC using the cable and then open the Quicktime screen capture application and then go to File option and then open New Movie Recording in the menu bar. Once the window open take your mouse pointer over the record button and check out if the application is working. You will know it working as you see your mobile window on your desktop.

quicktime screen capture

After this, the only thing you need to do is simply click on the record button and then start playing the snaps that you want to save. QuickTime screen capture also allows you to pause and play the snaps so that you can get the best photo of the snaps. Speaking about the quality of the records then it is very phenomenal that you can even view the record in HD quality even on a big screen. So after recording a video then you can simply edit the whole video and capture only the snap of your friend, as simple as that.

2. Use another device: This is one of the simplest methods that you can ever follow to take Snapchat screenshots without letting them know. If you really want to save the snap and doesn’t have your PC near you then you can also use your friend’s phone to record a video of the snap as soon as you play it on your mobile phone.

record using another device

We have asked you to record the video instead of clicking photos because you have no idea how long will the snap be. So simply record video of your phone playing the snap and then you can edit them to photos or video clips of the snap and then save it to your phone memory. So this is another way you can save your favorite snaps without being noticed by the sender and then share it freely with your other friends on the go.

3. Delaying the notification: Also, you can delay the notification by following some of the tricks. Open the Snapchat app and the open the snap and load the video properly. Once the snap that you want to save is fully loaded, simply cut off your mobile connections like ON your flight mode, Cut off Wi-Fi connection, Off Bluetooth, Off your cellular data. After doing all this open the Snap and then simply take the screenshot and save the photo on your device. After saving the screenshot again ON the connection of your phone after 30 seconds.

cut off connection

On doing this tricks, it is not that the sender of the snap won’t get the notification of the screenshot. It is just that the notification will reach late to the sender as the system will take a long time to notice about the screenshot act that you have done. So sooner or later the sender will know that you have saved the screenshot of the snap. But if the sender is not so active about the snaps that you can escape out the trap of the system and get your work done. So this is another method using which you can save snaps screenshot on Snapchat.

These are all the way you can save or take Snapchat screenshots safely without being noticed by the sender of the snap. There is no such way by following which you can get away from the trap, but as we have mentioned if the sender is not active then you can easily get away from the notification. But overall this is a very great feature when it comes to a social media platform, as in most of the platform you don’t even know if your photos or story have been screenshotted or saved by others. So this is a very great feature to have on a photo sharing social media platform. Comment below on which method would you like to use to screenshot snaps on Snapchat.

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