Snapchat Trophies – List of Trophies and How To Achieve

With a huge competition with Facebook and Instagram, nowadays social media platform always feels like a competition. Well, sometimes even this social media platform get really boring, as there are very limited things you can do like a chat with your friends, update status, post your photo and much more. But when it comes to Snapchat there are many attractive features like interesting face filters that gets updated every time and also the best feature and that is the Snapchat trophies box. Yes, even in this photo-sharing app you will be able to earn rewards after reaching the milestones that are set by Snapchat itself.


Here in this article, we will share you about the Snapchat trophies in details, and how you can earn the trophies if you are a daily user of Snapchat and also the meaning of Snapchat emojis. Also here you will know the different meaning of the Snapchat Trophies. Actually, Snapchat trophies comes in the form of emojis on your Snapchat profile after you reach a certain milestone. Now you can either get the reward after using a certain filter for some time or you can also get the reward on sharing some creative story everytime you update. So there are many ways to earn the Snapchat trophies which you would love to know.

What are Snapchat Trophies?

As you have already known that Snapchat Trophies comes as a form of Emoji, and you can check the trophies that you have achieved in Snapchat. Simply go to your profile and then click on the “Trophies” button and you will be able to check out what are the trophies that you have earned in Snapchat till date.

Now earning a Snapchat trophy may vary because to achieve any trophies you either need to reach some milestone or you may need to perform some methods in the Snapchat like verifying your email address and much more. So there are many ways to achieve a certain trophy of Snapchat.

Snapchat trophy box

For example: If you update a story with more than 100° F on your Snapchat story then you will get the “Sun Face emoji” unlocked on your trophy box. If you send above 1000 snaps to your mates clicking pictures with a front camera then you will get “Ogre emoji” on your profile trophy box. Similarly, if you want to get ghost emoji you will need to score 500000 points on Snapchat. So these are some of the ways doing which you can earn Snapchat trophies on your profile.

Talking about the use of the trophies, well as of now there are no use of the Snapchat trophies, but it shows how much active you are in Snapchat and you might get popular on Snapchat if you get all the trophies. So these are all about the Snapchat trophies, now let’s have a look at what are the types of trophies you can get in Snapchat and how you can achieve that.

Trophies that you can get on Snapchat:

Before sharing the list of emojis that you can earn on Snapchat, we would like to conclude that the Snapchat Trophies are not officially declared by the official Snapchat. The trophies are meant to be secret, and the important part is that the emoji that you earn changes every year. But here we are listing all that emojis that you can earn on your Snapchat on 2017 hoping it would be the same in 2018. So let’s have a look at what is the Snapchat emojis that you can earn.

  •  Microphone with music Emoji 🎤: If you have Shazamed a Song on your Snapchat story, this emoji will be unlocked on your trophy box.
  • Link Emoji 🔗: You will unlock this emoji once you have linked your Snapchat account with your bitmoji account.
  • Email Emoji 📧: This emoji will be unlocked on your Snapchat trophy box once you verify the email address that you have added on your Snapchat profile.
  • Disk Emoji 💽: Once you have saved any snap stories on the memories folder of the app.
  • Telephone Emoji ☎️: Verify your phone number in the settings of your Snapchat account and this emoji is unlocked.
  • One finger pointing up 👆: This trophy will be unlocked if you snap anything with one filter and send it to someone.
  • Baby emoji 👶: This emoji will be unlocked if you have reached 10 points in the platform.
  • Sparkles/three stars ✨: If your Snapchat scores 1000 then you will get this emoji unlocked on your Snapchat trophy box.
  • Red Fireworks Emoji 💥: If you score between 50,000 to 100,000 points this emoji will be unlocked.
  • Gold star⭐️: You have reached 100 total points.
  • Sun Face🌞: You have sent or updated a story giving temperature from 37C to 100F
  • Rocket🚀: If your score is over 100,000 on the app
  • Peace symbol ✌️: If you have sent snap with two different filters
  • Videotape🎞: If you have sent any videotape, this emoji will be unlocked.
  • Snowflake❄️: If you have updated or sent a snap with a temperature below freezing degrees.
  • Old school video camera 🎥:  You have to sent above 50 video clips to different people to unlock this emoji.
  • Egg in frying pan🥘: If you have snapped anything between 4 am and 5 am in the early morning.
  • Rainbow🌈: If you have already sent 10 snaps with more than 5 different colors pen
  • Panda🐼: Once you have more than 50 black and white snaps, this emoji will be unlocked
  • Ghost👻: If your snap score has hit more than 500,000 points
  • Half Moon🌗: Send 50 or more snaps in the night mode to unlock this emoji
  • Torch🔦: Send 10 snaps with front-facing flash to unlock this trophy
  • Monkey Holding ears🙉: unlock this emoji by sending snaps with no sounds
  • Lollipop🍭: Send snap with more than five color pens
  • Microscope🔬: You have sent 10 or more snaps which has the zoom in effect.
  • Smiling Devil’s face 😈: If you have screenshot any snap at least once.
  • Devil with a mustache 👺: Screenshot at least 50 snaps to achieve this emoji trophy
  • Old school radio📻: You have submitted a story in Our Story
  • Magnifying glass🔍: Send 10 or more snaps with all the way zoomed-in to achieve this trophy
  • Fax Machine 📠: Scan more than 5 snap codes to achieve this emoji in the trophy box.
  • Floppy Disk 💾: Once you have saved 10 snaps to your memories, you have unlocked this trophy in the Snapchat trophy box.
  • Face with sunglass😎: To get this emoji unlocked in the trophy box pair the Snapchat spectacles to your account.
  • World 🌍: This will only be unlocked once your snap is posted in a live story
  • Eye look at the side 👀: Setup my eyes only on your memories
  • White circle ⚪️: Sent a story from the memories
  • Blue circle 🔵: Create a story in memories to achieve this trophy
  • Detective 🕵️‍♀️: Search for a snap in the memories to unlock this trophy

So these are all the Snapchat trophies that you can get a reward if you do all the things that we have mentioned above with the list of emoji. As we have mentioned that the emojis may change and replaced by some other emoji, as Snapchat updates the trophy box every year to introduces something new. So these are all the trophies that you can unlock once you start following what we have given in the article above. Even though there is no use of these rewards but you can get recognized of achieving all these trophies in emoji. Comment down below which are the emojis that you have unlocked on your Snapchat Trophy box.

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