Cool Snapchat Usernames Ideas – 510+ Usernames for Snapchat [Updated 2018]

Snapchat is a very popular snap and media sharing platform where you can send your snaps to your friends through chat. Let it be snap sharing platform or photo sharing platform, you really need to pick the usernames for Snapchat very carefully. In every social media platform, you need to have a good name which people can remember on the go and follow you or share your account with their best friends. So name helps a lot in increasing your profile activities, increase your followers or much more. So here in this article, we have come up with a solution which will help you choose your Snapchat usernames wisely.


We have also come up with a suggestion of how you should pick for your usernames for Snapchat if you are using your Snapchat account in a professional way. Yes, you can also use your name on your profile, but most of the time if you are not a public figure or celebrity it will be hard for people to know your Snapchat account. So if you want to use your social media account professionally then, you must take help of some interesting Snapchat usernames that we have given here in this article. Let’s have a look at the name, or how to make interesting social media name.

Some best usernames for Snapchat:

Here are some ideas of the usernames for Snapchat that you can use on your account, to make your profile look creative with the name, Snapchat emoji and the picture that you are using on your profile.

Snapchat usernames for Male:

  • laughingbuddha
  • hellboy
  • iamhunk
  • spikeysniper
  • thegreatwarrior
  • ysoserious
  • bravedarkhorse
  • killerboy
  • bluejeans
  • lordofkingdoms
  • borntoparty
  • badasstechie
  • thebighulk
  • risingjudas
  • darkwizard
  • notasuperman
  • crazybiker
  • casanova
  • master-snap-pants
  • tinymoron
  • basketballfreak
  • iamnomonk
  • iaminvincible
  • impossiblyinsane
  • snap-pete
  • dude-snapityo
  • metalheadgod
  • covenant
  • thealchemist
  • gatskopper
  • mister-hitch-hiker
  • ijustgotsnapped
  • fastestrunner
  • johnsnow
  • thesmartestnerd
  • mr-big
  • darthvader
  • iownhotwheels
  • blackhawk
  • midnightcruiser
  • psychokiller
  • secretagent
  • whitewanderer
  • madking
  • myadventures
  • captainhearthrob
  • mastermindzeus
  • shinchan
  • smartheaddexter
  • flirtyarchie

If you are male and are looking for some unique and interesting name, then here are some suggestions for creative and interesting usernames for social media that you can use. These names are absolutely for free and you can use them where ever you want on your social media platform.

Snapchat username for Female:

  • leggylass
  • butterscotchbliss
  • charmingchick
  • pinkmissy
  • prettuduckling
  • miss-sparkles
  • prettykitty
  • happyfeetme
  • berrybee
  • shymissmuffins
  • honeycake
  • crazycupcake
  • divinedimples
  • littleflower
  • cherrychopkins
  • heavenlygoddess
  • snapittysnap
  • honeypiehugs
  • dudettebuttercup
  • jollybrownie
  • pink-kisses
  • smilesalotlady
  • peachpuppydoll
  • peppermintpretty
  • naughtyangeltoes
  • littleponypink
  • cutelittledancer
  • missballerina
  • adorablelittlefreak
  • wonderwoman
  • deadlyvixen
  • iam-missmelody
  • cutecurlyhair
  • ladysnapsa
  • justbeingfabulous
  • ladynightingale
  • naughtymuffinhead
  • raindrops-on-roses
  • purpledove
  • greenbellglitter
  • aprilblossom
  • prettylittlepearls
  • singmeasong
  • brokenhearts
  • kindlittleangel
  • snapsterprincess
  • bigbrowneyes
  • strawberrylips
  • shinysmiles
  • glamorousdiva

So these are the creative names for females to use on their Snapchat username, to make the profile look attracting and creative at the same time. These were all the names that you can muse on your usernames for Snapchat, but if you want to give your own with some suggestion, then here below we have also given the suggestion of how to set your Snapchat username creatively.

Suggestions for Usernames for Snapchat:

Here are some suggestion that you can use to name your Snapchat profile in a new way with all the attractiveness. Don’t worry the suggestions of naming your Snapchat profile is very easy, it’s just that you have to keep some few important things in mind to make it look cool. So let’s hop in with the suggestions to name your Snapchat profile.

1. Suggestions from people: On a daily basis, you meet dozens of people let it be your friends or a stranger on your way. It is very important to keep your name memorable so that people can remember your name even though if you have met them only once. Yes, it is not that easy to find out an easy, creative and memorable name at once. But you can take help from your friends by giving them options of name to choose from judging about the easy memorable and easy to spell. Also, when you pick out any name you should be very careful that it suits your personality, your address and your profession.

2. Having names collection: Once you have come up with an interesting name which suits your profession and your address, you shall first of all go and check on Snapchat usernames is available or not. If it is available simply use the name, or if the name is already taken you shall wait for a minute or so making other alternative names which will also suit you. When you are born you didn’t have a freedom to select your name, but this is one place where you are getting all the freedom to choose your favorite name that you like. So without giving a random name on your profile out of frustration, simply take some few moments and have the perfect name on your profile. The most important thing that you should know is that you can not change the name that you have set on your social media profile, so use the one and only precious spot wisely.

3. Using alliteration: Also, you must make sure that your name comes out short, simple and catchy. If you want then you can also use alliteration in the name like Bestbuy, Ducknow etc. Actually, this type of names tends to be easily remembered for most of the people and this is the reason for which many big brands use the alliteration in the company name so that the name sticks on the people’s brain. So this is another suggestions that you can use while choosing your Snapchat profile name.

4. Adding hobbies: According to us, while choosing Usernames for Snapchat you can also put your interest or hobby in the name. So in this way, the name will be more revealing about your nature and what you like. You can use your favorite sports, events, band, book, places and much more at the end or beginning of the name. If you set your name in this way, it will also attract all those people who are of the same hobby genre that you have chosen.

5. Easy spelling names: You should be very much sure that the name you have chosen for the username is easy to spell even though if you just shout the name. Otherwise, people will send their snap to the wrong account, so it is very much important that you have a name that is easy to spell. When you choose any name simply tell your friend and try asking them to spell the name. In this way, you would be able to know if the name that you have select is easy to spell or not.

So these are the names of both males and females that you can use on your Snapchat account and make it more attractive and catchy. Also, we have shared somehow to make a creative Usernames for Snapchat on your own where we have shared with you about how to make a name that will reveal you and your profession. Like we have said, you can either use the alliteration or you can also use your hobby before or after your name. Comment below if you have any name suggestion, or which suggestion you have used to get your own Snapchat usernames.

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