After 4 months of launching the second version of smart wearable glasses and Snapchat Beta version, two new styles of the spectacles has recently launched by Snapchat. The names of those two styles are Veronica and Nico. In early, the lenses were launched in a circular design with a colorful style as well named as Spectacle 2. Now the newly launched wearable comes with polarized glass, which is completely black-on-black and consists of traditional looks in all sense. This lens is used to upload content to Snapchat by capture instantly via those lenses.  It gives you the best feeling, which is more advance compare to the existing products.

On the other hand, the glasses look like as big and similar to the model that has announced on last April. These smart wearable glasses can able to take the snap or capture up to hundred nos. of photos or seventy number of videos in a single full charge. All the controlling is to perform using your Smartphone only. Just you need to connect your Smart wearable lens with your smartphone via Bluetooth and transfer the photos or videos instantly on your phone. Both the Veronica and Nico have the ability to give you the feature of Spectacle 2’s Water resistance. So feel free to wear those lenses in the rainy season as well as on the beach also.

During the launch time, Snapchat says that the launching of this new smart lenses increases the craze among the users to take snaps via Spectacles into the highlights of their story. They also said that this feature will surely save your times and find your memorable moments very easily and firstly. Thus, you can share your memories with your friends and family members a few times after capture photos and record videos.

Snapchat Wearable glasses – What you can get more.

The Verge has recently stated that rather than polarized lens, the new spectacle comes with ‘semi-soft’ carrying case, which was not present in the model of April. This is one of the new changes made in the wearable glass to make them more suitable and it consists of a hard yellow case for charging.

From the launches of early Spectacles, 2 on April it has seemed that 40 percent of content upload increases until now. Moreover, this thing also going to add in the new lenses too. Thus, Snapchat Says that:

“Snap says that since the introduction of Spectacles 2, users have been posting, on average, 40 percent more photos and videos captured with the glasses. The company has also made it easier to share that content on other platforms outside Snapchat by adding automatic camera roll saves and by allowing users to export video in the more conventional square and horizontal formats”.

How to Buy? – Nico and Veronica.

If you are interested to buy the new smart, Snapchat Spectacles Veronica and Nico then visit now with emojis. On the launching of this product, the price may exist around for $199.99. These products currently started to sell in the selected retail stores – Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. The other versions may be available to other retail stores in Europe.

At last, Snapchat says that after lost millions of existing users throughout the year 2018 now the new Spectacles came in market. The new design has redesigned which is rolling out began in the month of November 2017. According to CEO Evan Spiegel, they also said that the company goes down in a loss from 191 million in Q1 2018 to 188 million in Q2. Now they are still working to grows up the repudiation and improve the feedback from the users in the market by releasing all the negative points.

Snapchat Revealed 2 New Styles In Wearable Glasses – New Trend Alert
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