Spotify is a musical app which you can listen to the music hits from the old/tending to the latest hits. You can download the app for free and listen to unlimited music on your Android smartphone. Spotify Music is a very popular online streaming app which will allow you to enjoy the music in a better way. Looking for Spotify apk download then find a free download link.

Spotify is always updated with the latest songs and also you can find a huge collection. With more advancement in the smartphone and better audio quality, the way of listening music has become much easier and better. So just download Spotify APK app on your phone and it will stream all the song both online or offline.spotify apk download

And one of the best thing about this app is that Spotify will help you listen to the songs on multiple devices like tablets, PC or smartphone. All the music are arranged is a right genre, or you can also find your favorite song by searching in Artist name, Album and also top hits for the year. Besides, you can also change the way of listening to the music having features like a playlist, shuffle mode and also favorite list.

Well, there are more in Spotify Music app all for you to enjoy the best music on your smartphone. Download the Spotify APK App now and explore the huge collection of music on your phone.

Latest Spotify APK Download Free for Android

Spotify Music is a very popular online music streaming app which you can easily get a huge collection of latest songs on your smartphone. For the quick and easy download, you should best download the Spotify APK on your phone. The app is free to download and you can easily install them.

Steps for Spotify APK Download:

Step #1: 

Next step is Spotify APK download, you can easily download any APK file. Click on the below link to download the Spotify APK file. The download may take a moment to download the file depending on the internet speed.

Click here for Spotify APK Download

Steps #2: 

Most of the time, if you did not make changes in the device setting then it won’t allow downloading an APK file. So first let us enable the Unknown Source in the device setting. Follow the below-shown steps-

  • Go to the Device Setting followed by Security menu.
  •  Enable the Unknown sources by clicking on the toggle button and it will be enabled.

Step #3: Install the Spotify ApK

Finally, click on the downloaded Spotify APK file from the download folder on the phone. And follow the installation steps it will get installed on your device. Voila! start enjoying the unlimited song and also explore all the latest hits.Spotify app download

How to Use Spotify App?

To listen to the music in Spotify, you first have to create your own account. You can either use the Google account or Facebook account to create an account. And for the best, it is recommended to use the Facebook. All you need to do is, click on the button Login using Facebook, and then it will automatically redirect you to the Facebook login page where you have to enter your valid username and password. Finally, click on the submit button to successfully create an account.

Now you start listening to free online music, and also you can listen offline. They all very simple, all you need is choose your favorite song and download when there is the internet. Once downloaded, you can now easily listen offline.

How to Play Music offline on Spotify App?

Once you have successfully installed and create your own account on Spotify, now you can listen to the unlimited songs on the app. You can find out the list of the retro or latest music in this app, all you need to do is press play button and to start streaming music online.

But, this app has special features to let you listen to the music offline too. There is a special download button which will allow you to download the song in the app itself and later on will help you to listen to the music even without internet connection.

So let us now have quick tutorials to listen to the music offline.

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Steps for Playing Spotify Offline

Steps #1: Enable Cellular Data

The first steps you have to do are download the song or music, for which you will need an internet connection. But, initially, the Spotify app is not enabled to download any song using your cellular data i.e. 3G or 4G network. This app allows only downloading the song using the WiFi internet connection. So let us first enable the cellular data.Download spotify apk

Open the Spotify App > Click on the Library > Next Settings > finally click on Download using cellular option.

Steps #2: Download the Music

After you have enabled the setting now it is time for you to download the music. Simply go to the home screen of the app, search or select a song and click on Download button for downloading a favorite song.

Steps #3: Listen Music Offline

Finally, you can now easily listen to the downloaded song on your Spotify App without an internet connection. To play the song more, you have to download and store the song on your App. So keep listening to your favorite song and download them to listen to the songs offline later.

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Downloading and installing the Spotify APK apps on your phone from the Spotify APK download link. The app is free to download and allows you to listen to unlimited songs on your phone. They provide with all sort of genre, so all you have to do is search and start playing the song. And also Spotify gives you the freedom to listen to music or songs in both online and offline. No more downloading song and occupying your phone memory space, simply install the Spotify Music app and enjoy with your friends.

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