How Technology has Changed our Lives? 5 Most Important Examples!!

Technology! Do I even need say what this word signifies? No! You might even be close to this word than I am! But the fact is that we all are quite closely attached with technology. In fact, we are surrounded by technology. Let it be the tip of a ball pen or a satellite revolving our planet. Everything is technology;How technology has changed our life

Often do we come across the question “How Has Technology Changed The World?” But don’t we know how it has done so? The real question that needs to be asked is that “How Has Technology Not Changed Our Lives?” Well, since people are so adamant about knowing how technology has changed our lives then here are some ways. With the help of technology, we can see new smartphone game as Pokemon GO AR game, which is revolutionary; isn’t it?

Let find out top 5 example of technology which has changed our lives significantly in below;

How Technology has Changed our Lives? 5 Examples!!

There isn’t a single platform in which technology hasn’t made advancement. To be honest I am quite confused about where to start from. Let’s talk about the basics.

By Introducing The Internet!

If there happened to a list of advancements made by Technology then Internet would probably be at the top! I mean we would literally become disabled without the Internet.

Most of the work and trades these days are done through the Internet. If the stopped for a day you could say that this day would be marked as “The Day The Earth Stood Still.”

Billions of dollars would be lost and there are chances that some traders might even go bankrupt. I can’t think of my life without the Internet and neither can you.

By Introducing The Phones!

Do you know about the basic requirements of humans? Those are Food, Clothes, and Shelter. A human being needs these three things to survive. If one of these goes missing then that human won’t be able to survive.

A few decades back this theory was at the edge of changing with the invention of Phones. And finally, with the introduction of mobile phones and smartphones, this theory changed totally.

Nowadays, the basic necessities for human beings are Food, Clothes, Shelter, and Smartphones. Another entity is also involved here indirectly and that is “Internet.” What’s the use of a Smartphone without Internet? Nothing, Right?

Let’s move on to the next one!

By Introducing Military Technology!

Can a nation be safe without Military? And to have a good Military you would need to have the good Military technology!

It’s quite true that the weapons of today’s world are quite dangerous! But do think that the weapons used before safe? Bows, Arrows, Swords, Knives, etc. might not seem to be dangerous!

But trust me those were quite dangerous as well. Most of the weapons were laced with a deadly poison which had no cure and some were even ignited with fire before using.military technology

Most people find war to be quite unnecessary and that’s quite true too. But you can’t live in a place without war. It is more like a necessary evil!

By Introducing Medical Sciences!

The feats that have been made by Medical Sciences are probably immeasurable. You can’t even fathom how much Medical Sciences have advanced and what they can do.

For instance, take neurological diseases as an example. Scientists have developed Mini brains to study these diseases. The term “Mini Brains” might be new for some people, those people can Google it and get a proper explanation for the same.Medical technology

Once it was quite hard to determine the sex of the child before birth but now it has become quite easy. You can even check your heart rate regularly.

By Introducing Education:

Education is one of the most influential ways by which technology has changed the world. I guess you are quite well educated on the ways in which Education has changed the technology

There are lots of other ways in which Education has changed the world. For example, the introduction of Internet in the Education system is a big advancement. If you have further queries then you can Google this and get to know about the how education has done so.

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And that marks the end of this post. It’s quite not possible to measure the number of ways in which technology has changed the world. The points mentioned here are some of the basic ways. I hope this would quench your thirst to know about “How Has Technology Changed the World!

How Technology has Changed our Lives? 5 Most Important Examples!!
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