The Android users are now allowed to browse the Web anonymously after the Tor Browser has been introduced on Android. Tor Browser comes with HTTPS extensions everywhere and NoScript This is specially launched for Android and you can get this in an alpha channel directly through Google Play and after that through Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This browser is based on Firefox version 60 and if you want you can alternatively download its APK file from APK Mirror, also you can be able to browse the blocked website from this browser. As a report by Gadgets360, this app is 32MB in size. While browsing the web Tor Browser by default blocks user identity. With the help of this, the user can block access to the user’s current location and then passes the traffic over the Tor network.

For connecting the browser with the Tor network, first of all, you have to install the Orbot app on an Android device. In the stable release of Tor Browser for Android, the community is now aiming to abandon the requirement of the Orbot app. With the Tor Browser, you can browse the web in many tabs. And there is an option with the help of which you can open new private tabs, for enhancing privacy. The guest session which hides the bookmarks and all the browsing history is enabled by the browser. If you want by visiting the Mozilla site, you can add-ons to the browser.

Tor Browser debuts with full features:

Tor Browser has a Homepage which includes Wikipedia and Facebook by default and its Highlights section shows web pages, articles, and videos which are bookmarked, received and visited on the browser. For providing the Web browsing history, there is a History tab and a dedicated Bookmarks tab.

Tor for Android phones

The Tor Browser for Android has a similar interface to any Firefox browser. While browsing the browser automatically clears stored cookies and similar to Window, Mac and Linux Tor Browser of Android also delivers a private Web browsing experience. The user’s traffic is encrypted three times when it passes through the Tor network. So for leverage the Tor Network you have to install the Orbot app separately. The initiative comes after the Tor Project brought the standalone Orbot – powered web browser Orfox and proxy app Orbot.

After one year or after the next release the bugs which the Tor Browser for Android presently has could be fixed.

Final Words:

So these are everything about Tor browser being debuted for every Android phone to let you browse the internet safely. The app is great and comes with all the features, and the interface is also developed pretty simple as mentioned above in the article. Till now this is all, we are surely going to inform you more about the Tor browser in the coming days. Till then you can drop your thoughts below and share how have you liked using the Tor browser on your Android phone for the first time.

Tor Browser Debuts On Android After A Long Time
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