How to Transfer Pokemon Go Account to Your New iPhone?

Transfer Pokemon Go Account on iPhone: iPhone and iOS are getting advanced day by day with the advancement of technology on this technical age. No one loves to stick to an old phone that is running on the downgraded version. iPhone has launched many handsets and with the increase in numbers in the flagship they also added many advanced features and also a new updated version of iOS. Here in this article, you will know how you can transfer Pokemon Go account on your new iPhone.

For all the die-hard gamers it is very sad to hear “I have lost all saved game levels as I own a new iPhone.” Pokémon Go game is now raining on the web and also on a mobile handset. It is known as best AR games in the field of both Android and iOS. There are many reasons to have a new phone but the question is that, whether saved game levels in your old iPhone gets easily synchronized with the new one. As for gamers, it is very much important for getting the Pokemon Go games to transfer Pokemon Go account to a new device

If not then know how to transfer Pokemon Go account to your new iPhone. With the transfer of account, all your saved game data become accessible from your new iPhone. Not only on iPhone, you can transfer Pokemon Go account in Android phone also.

Why transfer Pokemon Go account to your new iPhone?

There are many reasons why you need to transfer the game account to one phone to another. For example, you might have completed many levels and earn coins and rewards on Pokemon Go game in your iPhone 5S. But you have changed your iPhone due to some reason may it be because of the phone getting slow. So now your new iPhone is on your hand and you would like to play Pokemon Go from the same level where you have stopped in your previous iPhone.

Letting you know there are very few mobile games that come with account synchronization features between handsets. It is the essential feature which Pokemon Go possesses. Due to this feature, you can easily transfer Pokemon Go account to a new iPhone. Check below all the required steps that you need to follow to transfer Pokemon Go account on a smartphone. Steps that I am going to list below are simple and you can easily get back all your saved game data on your new iPhone.

Steps to transfer Pokemon Go account to your new iPhone

There are 2 ways to create an account on Pokemon Go. Steps to transfer depend on by which account you had signed in before. If you have used Google account then you have to undergo certain steps and if you have used Pokemon Go trainer club account then you need to follow some different steps. As Pokemon Go is a cloud-based game so easily all information as login details, account information will immediately be available to you. The interface of this game is attractive and simple that allows its users to easily manage their accounts.

Use Google account to transfer Pokemon Go account to new iPhone

If you have signed in to Pokemon Go with your Google account then during transfer you also need to use Google account only. First of all download Pokemon Go from the App store and install it on your new account Pokemon go

When the app gets successfully installed on your phone, click the icon of Pokemon Go and launch the game. From the two options to sign up with, choose Google account. After you have signed in with Google all your game data gets automatically synchronized with your new phone.

Now check the second way to have all saved game data.

Use Pokemon Trainer Club account to transfer Pokemon Go account to new iPhone:

If you have used Pokemon Trainer Club credentials to signup the Pokemon Go game for the first time then to transfer the game account also you will need to use that same login credentials. Enter those details and transfer Pokemon Go to your new handset with ease.move Pokemon Go account

  • First of all download Pokemon Go from Apple App store or from other trusted app sources for iPhone. Download Pokemon Go for iOS and then install on your new phone.
  • Now wait for a few moments and Click to launch Pokemon Go on your brand new iPhone. Here to sign up for Pokemon Go.
  • Click on Sign Up with and then select the Pokemon Trainer Club. Enter the username and password of your Pokemon Trainer Club and launch the game. Your all Pokémon Go saved game data and account details will automatically transfer to your new iPhone.

Pokemon Go is one of the most addicting games on the internet today and also known as a healthy mobile game as you have to move from one place to another to catch Pokémon. So those who are Pokemon Go player they really play hard to collect more Pokemon. Collection of points and reward in this game is hard and you never want to lose your saved levels at any condition. It is a cloud-based game so you can easily transfer Pokemon Go account to your new iPhone. Drop your thoughts below, how you have actually transferred your Pokemon Go game account to your new phone from the old one.

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