Get Viper4Android apk from the link provided below. Viper4Android is a sound mod application for Android device that can really boost your device audio. Downloaded by millions of sound enthusiastic, as a user you are sure to love the sound effects. No matter which Android-based OS you are using, you can get it for a device running on Gingerbread 2.3.3 to Oreo 8.1. So, now you can take full advantage of your existing audio output from your device just by installing the Viper4Android apk custom audio mod.

viper4android app

The audio capability of all Android device has always been limited by the manufacturers which can be boosted either through rooting or by using the Viper4Android audio mod. As it a community app, you will get regular updates and support in case you face any problem as well. Sounds really interesting right? Well, to talk more about the Vipder4Android apk, we will have a complete look at the app’s features, how to download it and also how you can install it properly.

So without any further delay let me take you through this complete guide on Viper4Android apk for Android device to enhance your audio experience in every single way possible.

About the Viper4Android application:

Name of the application: Viper4Android apk

The version of the app: FX version

Latest update: Sep 1st, 2018

Supported Operating system: Android 2.3, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.1.

Language supported: English, Chinese, and other main languages.

Viper4Android Features:

If you are entirely new to audio mod apps for android then this list of features that we are going to talk about here will give you an idea on what the app can really do for you. Some of these features are so amazing that it bought the app right under the spotlight for those you really love to tweak around with the audio settings.


1. Master Control: You can control every single audio setting from one single place.

2. PBC (Play Back Control): Now you can also choose to control the Playback option for your device audio without the need for any output device.

3. Field Effect Compressor (FET): Most of the devices that come with FET controls are based on hardware’s that help you to keep the audio at the maximum output while keeping the audio output device safe from any damage. Whereas, Viper4Android offer with the same feature just through a software upgrade.

4. DDC Viper Control: Digital to Digital Converter (DDC) helps you to get the most out of the normal audio into HiFi audio output without any tuner.

5. Spectrum Extension: this feature helps to cut away the effects of prolonged listening to audio that causes fatigue, irritation or damage to the human auditory system by simply tracking the audio output through headphones or speakers.

6. USB/Dock Effect: this feature is mostly available of costly laptops and audio output devices but with Viper4Android you can get this feature in your hand to enhance your audio listening.

7. Bass effect by Viper: You will have full control of the Bass effect of the audio.

8. Crisp effect by Viper: Control the Treble that would be audible to the listener whether you are using headphone or speaker.

9. Virtual Headphone Surround: If you are a prolong headphone user then this feature will be your favorite. You can have full control of the VHS+ and V4A audio output of devices.

10. FIR Equalizer: Now you can control across 10 different bands of equalizers as well as different pre-set that comes with the Viper4Android.

Amazing features right? Well, these features are the reasons why the Viper4Android has millions of users that are increasing day by day. So now that you know all about the features of Viper4Android, you are sure to search for a download link that we have provided below.

Download Viper4Android

If you have downloaded the file then now you are ready to install the Viper4Android audio mod on your device. One of the drawbacks about Viper4Android is that you will need to root your device to use the app.

How to install Viper4Android on a Rooted android device?


Step 1: First of all, you will need to download 3 different apps, Viper4Android, Solid Explorer file manager and the Busybox app from the link provided below:

Download Viper4Android

Download BusyBox

Solid Explorer File Manger

Step 2: Now, Install BusyBox and Solid Explorer File Manager.

Step 3: Launch the BusyBox app and grant access to root permission & then leave the app running in the background.

Step 4: Now launch the Solid Explorer File Manager and go to the left of the launch screen and click on Root Explorer and go to the navigation location /Vendor/etc. and then you will need to find the file audio_effects.conf.

Step 5: you will need to rename the file audio_effects.conf to audio_effects.conf.bak.

Step 6: Now, restart the device and go to the download location of the Viper4androi and click the file to start the installation.

Step 7: After the application is installed you will then need to click on OK and restart your device.

Step 8: Now after the device restarts, you will need to launch the Viper4android app and click on “Driver Status”. Upon clicking the status should be on Normal.

And there you have it, congrats you have successfully installed Viper4android on your android device.

To conclude it with:

And this is it, your Viper4Android apk should be up for work. You can now start using the features like Master Control, PBC (Play Back Control), Field Effect Compressor (FET), DDC Viper Control, Spectrum Extension, Bass effect by the viper and much more. Now, whether you are using an older device running on Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread or Android 8.1 Oreo, you can simply enjoy a great audio quality right on your device. Drop your thoughts regarding the app and feature of the app in the comment section below and share your views. Also, do share it with your friends on the social media platform.

Download Viper4Android Apk Latest Version: Add Custom Audio Mod
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