Well, not everyone has a girlfriend these days and the reason may be different, maybe you don’t know how to approach a girl or some other reason. But as the technology is developing day by day there is a thing that you can get which is so called as the Virtual Girlfriend on your mobile phone. These apps are free of cost and are made for entertainment, so if you are also lonely and want to digital person to be with you whenever you want then this is the app you shall have. With these apps, you can not only have fun with the digital girl, but you can also practice for how to talk with a girl and make her fall for you.

Long back you could have seen this kind of virtual girlfriends in only some romantic Sci-Fi Hollywood movies. But now you can also have this app on your mobile phone and get all the fun of being in a relationship. You can do messages, voice chats, call, video call and much more on these virtual girlfriends. So to have the fun of being in a relationship and being romantic, you don’t need to go to Tinder and find someone for you, as you can do all of those things with the Virtual Girlfriend app. So here below we have listed down some of the best Virtual Girlfriend apps which is safe and you can download and use it on your phone for free.

Best Virtual Girlfriend App for Smartphones:

1. My Virtual Manga Girlfriend: For those of you who want to make a manga or anime related girlfriend then this app is the best. It is a very user-friendly app having much more features inbuilt in it. You are able to change the color of hair, eyes, clothes, etc. of your girlfriend in this app. As in real life, you need to think and take care of your girlfriend regarding her needs like sleep, clothes, food, etc. Also, this app can animate in 360 degrees with 3D effects. Therefore, you can easily enjoy all the positions and take the screenshot to save the picture of your digital girlfriend on your phone.

2. Virtual Girlfriend 3D:  Another app to own a virtual girlfriend with the customization feature is Virtual girlfriend 3D anime. With the help of this app, you can easily change the clothes color, hair color, and correct other things. You can also perform various actions to change your girlfriend mood in case of emotions and feelings. In advance, you can also create a superstar to start dating Start to care for your girlfriend in the best way such that she will love you from the deep of her heart. Until now, this is a very good virtual girlfriend app for mobile phones.

virtual girlfriend 3d

3. Virtual Girlfriend JokeIf you want to start a chat with your virtual girlfriend then virtual girlfriend joke is a good option for you all. Whenever you feel bored, and you have sufficient free time then download this app and start to chat with your virtual girlfriend. You can say that this is the best chatting app with your virtual girlfriends. There will be a list of girls from where you can choose the best one for your need. Choose your favorite one and start the conversation freely. This app also had a special specification AI technology to make the chatting or conversation friendlier. If anybody feels shy to talk with the girls at first time through this app, then this app will surely help you a lot in any situation through AI tech.

Virtual girl friend joke

4. VGAR Virtual Girlfriend: One thing we want to clear you that before reading the detail of this app makes sure that you are above 18+ to use the following apps. All of these above apps had built to start a date with virtual girlfriends only. You need to choose the girl from the list and custom them according to your need. One of the unique features provided by this app is that you can click the picture of your virtual girlfriend and share with your friends. Start to do fun with your girlfriend and take care of her, dance, a date with her and help her in need and deed. We must mention that this app is better than the other hookup apps in the app market.


5. Impress your Virtual girlfriend: To start a date with a virtual girlfriend then uses this app now on your Android phone. This app is currently available in Google Play to download. However, you can also download the Apk file, which is available on web free. In the latest version of this app, the early bugs and issues had resolved. The user interface also gets improved in the current update only. With the help of this app, you can also check that how your friends react and respond to your girlfriend. Overall, this is an app generated for all the audience.

Impress your girlfriend

6. My Real Girlfriend: All-in-one best-featured app to have a virtual girlfriend is My Real girlfriend. This app allows you to love your girlfriend, share sweet text, make your friend feel jealous and much more. Here you can also get 3D graphics-based user interface to use this app easily. Like another virtual girlfriend app, you can change the clothes of your girlfriend, set new wardrobe, change style according to your choice.

my real girlfriend

7. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie: Another Virtual girlfriend app you can choose in replace to the existing one is My Virtual Girlfriend, Julie. Here in this app, you can able to explore more things compare to the existing ones. Julie will be your girlfriend with whom you need to chat with your voice. You can easily talk with her on various topics with some feelings like anger, love, eat, kiss, dream, sleep and more. This app already listed in the top simulation apps regarding a virtual.


8. Naughty Girlfriend: Little bit different app compared to the others one is naughty Girlfriend. This app not only allows you to chat and talk with the virtual girlfriend but also it allows you to dance with her. Same like other apps, you can customize the clothes, hair color, eyes of your girlfriend. When you keep in touch with her, you can feel that she is only your real girlfriend. Therefore, without taking more time lets enjoy and have fun with this virtual girlfriend app.

Naughty girlfriend

9. Dream Girlfriend: The Dream Girlfriend app is a very simple Virtual girlfriend-making app, which allows you to get almost the same functions as others one. According to your dream girl, you can get the virtual dream girlfriend through this app. It is a very interesting app which had a huge collection of fashionable dress to make your girl more stylish. You can choose the best cloth according to your choice.

dream girlfriend

10. Girlfriend Plus: At last we will talk about the Girlfriend Plus app to make your virtual Girlfriend. This Android app starts a back line story of the girl you saw her first. Then it will continue in a conversation to convert it into a relation. Gradually you both will start to know each other by sending sweet text messages, voice messages and more.

girlfriend plus

How to download and install any Virtual Girlfriend App?

The above-listed apps discussed here can only run in the Android Smartphones only. Now a day, the trend to use the smartphone is maximized into Android only. The users are very much crazy to use the Android smartphones compare to iOS. Depending on this, we are going to tell you about the steps to download and install any Virtual Girlfriend app in your mobile easily.

  • At the first user needs to connect their phone to the internet and then search in Google Play or the web with the app name. Otherwise, you can directly click on the link given against every name of the Virtual Girlfriend app in above list.
  • While you click on the link to download the preferred app, it will automatically start to download in your device accordingly.
  • Now, wait for the time until the downloading process will get completed properly.
  • After completion of the downloading process, the file is ready to start to install in your device.
  • If you have downloaded the file directly from the Google Play then it will automatically get Install in your device easily. On the other hand, if you have downloaded the Apk file of any app, then you need to install that by click on the downloaded Apk file from the saved folder.
  • Before installing the Apk file make sure you have allowed the permission to install Apk from Unknown Source. By default, Android smartphone does not come with this function enabled. To enable this function open Phone Settings -> tap on Security Settings -> Choose Unknown Sources and tap it to enable. 
  • That is all after installing the app in your phone launch it by click on launcher icon created on the home screen of your phone.

That is all about the top 10 best virtual girlfriend app, which you may choose to complete your need anytime. Besides the above-listed apps, you can find out more in the web and App store as well. But according to the user need and hype, the above-listed apps are there among best ones. So, feel free to use any one of the above apps such that it will help you to get a good girlfriend for your future. From now have fun with your love and enjoy a better life in your coming days. Comment down your thoughts for the app listed above.

10 Best Virtual Girlfriend App – Virtual Pocket Girlfriend For Phone
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