Do you know about VivaVideo Pro Apk? Given the fact that there are tons of Video editing apps out there, by some chance you might not even know about this video editing app. Well, I will be providing you with all the details that are necessary for you to know about this app. So, what is VivaVideo Pro for Android? A brief introduction to the App has been provided below.

VivaVideo Pro Video Editor apk is a video editing app. You can use this to edit videos on your smartphone. This video editing tool has been provided with the best editing effects that could help you make some of the best and professional videos. You could get this app for $3.226 from Google Play Store and that would only be the pro version. But you don’t have to pay a dime if you get the latest Viva Video Pro apk for Android. Go through the downloading steps and features of this app down below.

Steps to Download VivaVideo Pro Apk for Android:

As I have mentioned above that VivaVideo Pro video editor apk is an app that will help you to edit videos and provide them with a professional look. What I forgot to mention is the fact that you can make photo slideshows with the help of this App too.

First of all, you can get this app from Google Play Store. You can get the free version of this app all you have to do is Click Here to get the App but this version has many drawbacks comparing to the pro version. A simple click would be enough and VivaVideo Pro for Android would be downloaded and installed on your device. But as I have mentioned before that it would cost you some cash.

Go ahead and check the steps to download the Apk of this App.

  • A download link has been provided below and you need to click on that to get the VivaVideo Pro Apk file of this App.


  • You will be redirected to another page and then the download will start automatically (If the download doesn’t start automatically then click on the download tab of the new page).
  • A few moments might be needed for the Apk to get downloaded. Just wait a bit patiently.
  • After the completion of the download, you will be notified accordingly.

And that’s it. You have successfully downloaded the Apk of VivaVideo editor. If you already read my previous article of GBWhatsApp then you might be already familiar with this process. But that doesn’t mean that everything is done. You still need to install this Apk file. The steps for that have been provided down below.

Install VivaVideo Pro editor Apk 6.00:

Here, down below I have provided the download steps that you need to follow to install this app on to your device. The steps are not that hard to follow and you just need to make sure that you go through them systematically.

But before that, you should make sure that your Unknown Sources have been enabled. To enable that you need to go to Settings, then Security and finally when you locate Unknown Sources just tap on it, same as I showed you in OGInsta Apk guide.

Here are the steps.

  • Search for the downloaded Apk file of VivaVideo Pro video editor. When you locate the downloaded Apk file, just tap on it.
  • With that, the download process will get initiated. But before that, your device will ask you to provide permission to install the App.

vivavideo pro apk

  • Select “Install.”
  • Now, the installation will begin. You need to wait for some time as the installation is in progress.

VivaVideo Pro installation

latest VivaVideo Pro apk

  • After the completion of the installation, you will be notified via a notification. Along with that an icon of App will appear on your home screen.

And that’s it. With this, the app is ready to be used. And I am quite sure that you haven’t downloaded the Apk file yet as you are quite unsure about downloading this App. I suggest you check the features that make this App one of the best video editing App. Take a look at the features of this App down below.

Name of AppVivaVideo Pro
Update Versionv5.8
Total Size35+ MB
Root RequirementsNo Need
Release Year2017
OS VersionAndroid 4.0 or above
No.of Downloads2M+ 
Main TaskUnlock More Features
Latest Update9th November 2017

Major Features of VivaVideo Pro Apk:

There are tons of features of VivaVideo Pro Apk and it’s quite not possible to list all these features. I have listed some of the major features of this App down below. And I suggest you look at the right away.

  • HD Export: One of the huge problems that people generally face with an average video editor is that they are not able to export the edited video in HD quality or HD audio is not available. One or the other problem still persists. But VivaVideo apk for Android gives you the liberty of getting both i.e. HD video with HD quality audio.
  • Watermark Free Videos: Another issue that most video editing apps have is the Watermark issue. I have come across a lot of such kind of editing tools that don’t have the option of removing the Watermark. On the other hand, latest VivaVideo Pro version has the option of removing the Watermark which is “Made With VivaVideo Pro.” This way no one will know how you made the video or with which App this video has been edited.
  • Premium Effects: I have already discussed the fact that this App comes with a premium effects that make your video look premium or professional. But that doesn’t mean that those other video editors don’t have such kinds of effects. They do but they don’t have such huge varieties of effects that are present in latest VivaVideo Pro Apk.
  • Ad-Free: One feature that every user longs for in a video editor or any kind of app is the absence of ADS. This App though is without any kind of Ad and you would be able to edit video without any kind of interference. But there is a catch to that; the catch is that the ad-free app feature is available only with the Pro-version. So, if you happen to get the free version of the App then I would suggest that you upgrade it to the pro version.
  • No Length Restriction: Another huge problem that is faced by most users of such kind of Apps is that there is a limit to the length of the video. This issue has been erased from VivaVideo Pro for Android. You would be able to video of unlimited lengths. But you also need to make sure that you have adequate space on your device. Along with that, you can also export these video with ease.
  • Photo SlideShow Maker: Generally to make a Photo slideshow you need to would need another App. But is this powerful video editing app has this feature too. Getting VivaVideo Pro Apk is killing two birds with one stone! You can create a masterpiece with the help of this amazing video editing tool.
  • Video Collage Maker: One of the many loving features of VivaVideo Pro video editor apk is the video collage maker. Suppose that you have a lot of videos but the problem with those is that they are too small. So what you can do is merge them all together and create something innovative out of those. This feature will help you in making the perfect video. You will also be able to use the0 effects that are available with this App.

Well, these are all the major features that are available with this App. Besides these, there are lots of other features too and you can know about those when you start using them.

Check out the video sample created using this app below:


Keeping that aside, now check the steps that you need to follow to use this App. Well, the steps are quite easy and I am quite sure that you are well aware of how to use this App. But for your convenience, I would be providing the steps down below. Do check them out.

How to Use VivaVideo Pro for Android?

VivaVideo Pro is an awesome app and is quite easy to use too. But some people find it quite hard to use. So here are the steps that the need to follow to use this App.

Step 1: Welcome Screen

First of all tap on the icon of Viva Video Pro. The above screen will appear before you and then click on “Start.”

VivaVideo Pro apk download

Step 2: Options Page

Now, this screen will appear before you and you can tap on the option with which you want to continue with.

download VivaVideo Pro apk

Step 3: Settings

You will be able to spot an “engine like button” on the top-right corner of the App. Tap on that to bring out the settings menu and make whatever changes you want there.

download Viva Video Pro

Step 4: Upgrade

If you want to upgrade your App then tap on “Edit.” That will bring up the Upgrade menu and accordingly you would be able to upgrade your App.

VivaVideo Pro video editor Apk

And this is how you need to use the VivaVideo Pro App for Android.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Here are some of most common FAQ of VivaVideo Pro Apk.

FAQ 1: Is it safe to use this App?

A: This App is quite safe and you will never regret using this app.

FAQ 2: Is VivaVideo Pro free version Ad free?

A: Yes! There are no ads available in this app. You can use it without any hindrance.

FAQ 3:  How much does the VivaVideo Pro version cost?

A: The pro version of VivaVideo costs $3.226.

FAQ 4: Do I need to root my phone?

A: No, you don’t have to root your phone. The App is available on Google Play Store too.

Final Words:

Well, that’s it. This is everything that you need to know about the how to download VivaVideo Pro Apk for Android. If you were to ask me then I would suggest you get this App as soon as possible. This is one of those apps that you always keep on your device. The size of the app is quite low too and it doesn’t end up taking much of device memory. I myself have been using this App for quite some time. Trust me you will not regret using this App as this is worth both your time and money. So get this App as soon as possible. You can also read Latest Instagram for PC guide to enjoy Instagram on big screen of laptop or desktop.

Hope that the provided information was helpful to you!

VivaVideo Pro Apk Video Editor Latest Version Download for Android
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