Another bad news for WhatsApp users, after they announced a chargeable service for WhatsApp business users, upcoming update in WhatsApp would make you sad again. Though, it is not applied this time but will be coming after this year fall. WhatsApp is a great Instant Messaging service, which is a dominating king in its class. With more than 1.5 billion monthly active users this platform is very huge.

For this big achievement, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is getting annoying integration. Yes, they keep updating all good features to make it all time favorite communicating app. Days before WhatsApp receive a major update to the app and now WhatsApp video call and audio call support multiple users. Well, having a billion audience in WhatsApp, this app has become another revenue form of Facebook and download. A report by a tech company said that Facebook adding ads to the WhatsApp Status.


This report may annoy most of the WhatsApp users, as we all know WhatsApp is very popular for making its platform better messaging service and easy usage. But by the end of this year, you may see ads on WhatsApp Status.

WhatsApp May Come with Ads After This Year

WhatsApp ads are coming on WhatsApp Status, this will be the same as Instagram like ads. You might have noticed ads in between Instagram status, which is also owned by Facebook. A recent update from a California-based company named The Menlo Park said they are preparing to start ad service in WhatsApp. Well, this is not new for the parent company and Instagram, where ads are pretty common in the Facebook app, Messenger app, and Instagram.

Additionally, Instagram ads system would be implemented to WhatsApp app and they might integrate ads in WhatsApp this year fall. However, there would be many second thoughts regarding this update, as WhatsApp is a pure IM service with no ads and busy features.

Another report says over 100 companies are already trying their ads in this ad-related feature of WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp Business users will see some more options to utilize better their WhatsApp accounts. Charges of Whatsapp

WhatsApp parent company is Facebook and as you can see Facebook provides ads in their apps and on its platforms. Their Instagram platform is also now featuring ads in its feeds and Instagram stories. So, it makes sense Facebook may come with ads in WhatsApp as well. WhatsApp is a free platform to share images, text, doc files anywhere at any corner of the World.

Because of better-communicating experience, online users are making this app major platform to share their thoughts with friends and family. Not just this but all shared data are protected by end-to-end encryption. Now Facebook may be interested to take advantage of this huge platform and make all of the audience by adding ads in WhatsApp app.

As this is just a report from some part, we can confirm it after this year but there is pretty much possibility for this report. If this comes for real then the common WhatsApp users won’t be happy at all. Let us know what you think about this decision about ad integration in WhatsApp app or do you think they still can hold 2.23 billion monthly active users, commenting in below.


WhatsApp Status Ads – Upcoming Update Wouldn’t Make You Happy
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