Whatsapp is one of the best online messaging apps no doubt with all those features and security. Most of the people only use Whatsapp, as it is having the end-to-end encryption which keeps your text safe from others. But when it comes to back up the messages or data of the Whatsapp you need an extra storage on your device. But soon in the last few months, both Whatsapp and Google have mentioned that now all the texts and data of the Whatsapp will be now stored in your Google Drive cloud storage account.

Whatsapp new backup features

So you don’t need to think about the memory of your phone that Whatsapp messages take for backing up the files. But lately, there is a disclose by Whatsapp that the Backup files are not protected by encryption. Here in this article, we are going to share you about the detail news of the WhatsApp auto backups on Google Drive now protected by Encryption. Also, we are going to share what WhatsApp or Google has to say about this news.

Whatsapp Backup not Protected:

The message that is quoted on the official blog on the FAQ section clearly says that “Media and messages your backup isn’t protected by WhatsApp End-to-end encryption while it is in Google Drive”. So the messages clearly say that the messaging app that is owned by the big brand Facebook backup data is not protected in anyways on your Google Drive.

whatsapp security

Now this message or development in the WhatsApp official blog happened only after few days on announcing that Google and WhatsApp are not tie-ups and this will allow the users to back up their chats and media file in the Google drive without even worrying about the storage space on your phone. We are mentioning all this from the mail that is received to the users by Google and WhatsApp “backups will no longer count against Google Drive Storage quota” and this is a part of an agreement between both the companies.

How to protect your backup data:

Well, one of the most important features that WhatsApp business has is the end-to-end encryption and it also attracts lots of the users, as all the users know that their messages are protected. This feature has soon become the bone features of WhatsApp, and it happened all after the Indian Government requested the company to build a technology to find out the origin of the message to check out all the hoax messages origin.

So if you don’t want to back up the message and media data of Whatsapp on Google drive with no protection then you can shut down the automatic backup to Google Drive and to do that, go to the WhatsApp app and then click on the Settings, and then Chats, and then click on Chat Backup and then click on the Google Drive and then click on the Never option. So by doing this, you are able to protect your data by not doing the backup process.

So this is all about the Whatsapp and Google not giving encryption in the backup file of the Whatsapp data. The news is legit, so if you also share your private information through WhatsApp then you shall make sure that you never back up the data of the app, as it is totally not protected. Comment down your thoughts about the scenario of the Whatsapp backup security.

WhatsApp Backups on Google Drive – Not Protected At All [Read Here To Know]
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