WhatsApp Business App: Get Your Business Connected Smartly

WhatsApp is a notorious instant messaging service and it is the dominating king its class. Because of this, the app doesn’t need any introduction for any online users but WhatsApp Business is not yet like the common version. By its name, you may guess about the usage of this app but you may need to know how this app work, how to download & use, is there any charge etc. WhatsApp for Business

We all know WhatsApp is now owned by social giant Facebook and it is always trying to make their app better by adding new features to its app. Recently, WhatsApp announced WhatsApp group call support for the general WhatsApp version. To be precise, WhatsApp Business is an Android app for business purposes. Using this app, a business person could take advantage of this platform. In this app, a lot of business-centric features are available, which are quite helpful for the business persons.

Beneficial of WhatsApp Business App

For now, WhatsApp Business app is Android exclusive and can be downloaded with no cost. This app is designed specifically for business users and companies to offer bottom to top features. To communicate a business to the online level, its unique features will give a definite advantage over business and company.

Any company can take advantage of WhatsApp Business app but at least for now it is very helpful for small business. Especially small organizations with lots of customer service concerns to communicate. WhatsApp Business for Android

The current generation of consumers is really attached to their Smartphones and this is why WhatsApp Business become reality. Now with this new way of communication business users or organization could raise a bar for online users. It seems pretty positive as most of the consumers interact with favorite apps.

Hence, WhatsApp Business has become really popular in the business and organization platform. As this generation expect tech-savvy, instantaneous, and better experience from the brands. Now the consumer can react better with WhatsApp business, which business has already started using this.

Additionally WhatsApp Business already started to receive positive reviews. It gives chance a business group and organization to make online presence by a formal channel. Helping business group or organization connecting the business world that makes better consumer environment.

How is this different from WhatsApp?

Now you might have a slight idea how WhatsApp Business app is beneficial to the small business group and organization. But being a small business owner you may need to know how this app work or performance than the standard WhatsApp. WhatsApp team is maintaining these two apps for a very good reason and yes there is some difference that you may need to know.

Well, the icon of the WhatsApp may look same but the Business version does come with a B letter, whereas call icon is in the standard version. The app interface is also the same but there are some differences in terms of business-specific features.

Here are some the useful features that you get with WhatsApp Business version and check out the major features differences in between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp standard app in below.

Business Profile

In here you can create an online business profile to showcase online consumers and let them know all about your business than before. Having a business profile in WhatsApp Business profile you can add all details about your business such as business motto, contact details, website, address, location and much more. Hence, it is very useful in this generation by adding the business, your business will be reached with more consumer and be seen by more people.WhatsApp business app

Add Labels

As this is a business-specific medium, WhatsApp has made it pretty convenient to connect with clients and consumers. You can add labels to any specific chats with choosable colors so that you can differentiate a chat from others.

Smart Reply

This feature helps to reply a communicator with a quick reply. For all your common queries, you will be able to add a common answer and WhatsApp business could easily suggest the answer you exactly need. This way, it saves your time and makes a positive vibe with consumers.

Auto Reply

You can set a greeting message in the Business app and app will auto-reply when it gets a new message from your consumer or client. By setting a greeting message for your business it will make perfect sense for welcoming a consumer. It also saves your time from a manual reply to the message sender.business tool

See Statistics

With the WhatsApp Business app, you can see all of your communicating statistics with its dedicated Messaging Statistics features. With this feature, you will be able to explore the total messages you sent, delivered messages, total reads and much more.

These all features make WhatsApp Beta different from WhatsApp usual version. Now, you know all business related exclusive features available in this WhatsApp Business app. WhatsApp has now more than 2.3 billion monthly active users and to catch more consumers business profile is must in these days. This is why WhatsApp Business comes very hand for the small business and organization.

Other than these features, you will have all the features of standard WhatsApp version.

How to use WhatsApp Business?

We already mentioned unlike WhatsApp Standard app, WhatsApp Business also free to download. However, as of now, WhatsApp Business version is not available for the iOS users. Only the Android users can download this app, it is not just free to download but as of now it is free to use as well. But a new report said WhatsApp Business service would be chargeable by the next year.

Download WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp business

WhatsApp Business is now only available for the Android platforms. As this is available on the Google Play Store and free to use, which is super easy to get from your Android device.

[Click here to download WhatsApp Business]

WhatsApp is a well-settled Instant Messaging platform to communicate with friends and family members. Sharing your ideas with group call, text, doc, images etc, WhatsApp could become very useful. For a small business and organization, WhatsApp business would be a great business boost to reach more consumers. Download it now if you are looking for the same and own any business; with it, you can connect to the more clients and audience.



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