Latest WhatsApp For Tablets, Android, iOS, Java [All Devices]

Here is the complete solution for latest WhatsApp download for all Operating System. So, in here Download WhatsApp for Smartphone, Computer, Tablet or other supporting devices. WhatsApp Messenger is a free cross-platform communication app and it is the most popular among online users. You can download this app on your Android Smartphone/tablet, Windows PC/laptop, Mac OS, iOS, Windows Mobile and more. If you want to download this on your device then here you can find every detail for download WhatsApp. Link for latest WhatsApp for Smartphone, WhatsApp for PC/Windows/Mac/Linux/Chromebook, WhatsApp for Tablet devices will be discussed in this topic.

WhatsApp is an undisputed messenger in the current market, with daily 300 million active users it is the biggest hit of this generation. This comes free for all operating system including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows, MacOS etc. And also, sending text, voice calls, video calls are free in WhatsApp app. New feature like Delete Message for everyone and WhatsApp Status is an arguably welcome addition. Most importantly, every its user love about this app is being intuitive and super convenient to use.WhatsApp for Windows PC, Smartphone, tablet

Well, WhatsApp is always a good communication app on our Smartphones but when it comes to chatting nothing can be better than tablets. Definitely, tablets are convenient for typing while chatting and it makes faster your conversation. Tablets’ giant screen convenient for video chat too; so, you can see this IM becomes more intuitive in a tablet.

Here in this article, you can download WhatsApp specified version for any Operating System. So, you will never miss out downloading WhatsApp from this page; no matter what device or OS you are using.

WhatsApp Messenger Download for All – Windows/Smartphone/Tablet

WhatsApp is an essential app for this era for easy communication among our friends, colleagues, family member. You may own computer, smartphone, and tablet; download WhatsApp on these devices and you will be in touch anytime anywhere. WhatsApp supports on most existing Operating System; so, while using PC, Smartphone or tablet, you can directly communicate in WhatsApp by downloading it to all devices.

Hence, we will like to add all the procedure and download link for WhatsApp download for all. At the beginning, we will like add some words for tablet download and more will be followed.

WhatsApp Messenger for Tablets – iPad/Samsung Tablet/iOS/Android/Windows

Download latest WhatsApp Messenger for Tablet for free. Here, I will give the latest version link for every available tablet out there in the market. Well, Android and iOS is the most dominating Operating System for lion-share tablets. So, you can download WhatsApp for Android tablets and WhatsApp for iOS tablets or iPad. Some big manufacturer like Samsung also does come plenty tablets selections; so, I would also add WhatsApp for Samsung tablet. Besides, for others popular tablets available in the market WhatsApp download link also will be dropped on this page.

Now, if you own a tablet then you can download WhatsApp for tablet from the here mentioned dedicated links. No matter what tablet you own, here is every link for every OS and tablet devices. iPad is also a big name in the tablet market and will also include WhatsApp for iPad. To make you sure, every WhatsApp Messenger for Tablet will be free to download from this article. So, get ready to grab your own WhatsApp from the dropped linked here on this page.


For your tablet device it can be download from your respective app market for free (WhatsApp Messenger). But some of the tablet doesn’t come with app market such as few Android tablets. In this case, you can download the right and latest version very easily. To make it these things easier, here I am all about WhatsApp for tablet download.

As I already mentioned there can be many downloading terms for WhatsApp downloading. So, I will add all the procedure to download this messenger for most available tablets available in the market.

WhatsApp for iOS Tablet Download

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform IM and that is free for on all Operating Systems. And this is same for iOS as well. For the iOS users, they can download WhatsApp from its app market or from Apple App Store. It can be download and install easily without any tricky procedure. Well, I will leave a link for WhatsApp messenger for iOS tablets.

click here to download WhatsApp for iOS tablet.

This link will redirect you to the App Store, which is the official download link for WhatsApp iOS tablets. It is safe and secure to download from the link; so, never bother to download from the link. By taping the download button it will start downloading WhatsApp for your iOS tablet and will get installed automatically. The only thing you need to do is register to the WhatsApp on tablet and start enjoying better WhatsApp experience on iOS running tablet.

WhatsApp for Android Tablet

Android OS comes with many tablet selections, now it is the time to download WhatsApp app for your Android device. WhatsApp tablet version download is needed, as this version happens to optimized with a bigger display and graphical UI also changes. Hence, never think WhatsApp is all same for Smartphone and Tablet. Here I will drop a link for WhatsApp for your Android tablet, which is well optimized for Android tablets.Whatsapp for samsung

When you step into WhatsApp app for Android tablet download then there are two options you have. One option is that you can download it from the Google Play Store, which is a common way to download. But if you are struggling to download WhatsApp from Android app store then another two option is WhatsApp apk download.

Will dive you into both downloading methods in here; so let’s jump into this-

WhatsApp for Tablet download from Google Play Store:

Downloading any apps from Google Play Store is the safest way to get the app on your Android tablet. Well, it is also the easiest way to download and install, as this doesn’t need extra steps to get started with that app. So, if you wish to download WhatsApp for Android tablet then check out the below dropped link;

Click here to download WhatsApp app for Android Tablet from Play Store

Latest WhatsApp APK Version Download for Android Tablet:

I just said downloading apps from Google Play Store is the safest way to get apps for your Android device. But if you download an apk file from a safe and trusted link then there is no issue. Well, all I mean to say there is a latest WhatsApp apk version for your Android tablet and it is optimized for tablet. So, download it now from your Android tablet and enjoy the latest version of WhatsApp app.

Click here to download Latest WhatsApp APK for Android Tablet

Download WhatsApp for Samsung Tablet:

Samsung is one the biggest manufacturer of tablets and all of Samsung tablets runs on the Android operating system. If you own a Samsung tablet then you can download it from the below link. The download link is official for the Samsung tablet users and optimized with Samsung UI (TouchWiz).

Download WhatsApp for Samsung Tablet

So, these were all about WhatsApp Messenger download for tablets, which I have specified by its versions. Now download WhatsApp for Samsung Tablet, WhatsApp Messenger for iPad, iOS, Android and much more from the above-given link.

Latest WhatsApp Download for PC/Windows/Mac

Yes, this popular Instant Messenger is also capable to run on PC. Here again, it comes free for Windows or Mac operating system. There are two ways to run WhatsApp application on your computer one is web-version and another software version. So, using WhatsApp app on PC is even easier than other platforms.

Well, PC or computer are always been a better option for typing and when it comes chatting on WhatsApp is convenient than ever. You conversation going to be easier in WhatsApp; not just this, but while in your work on PC or computer, you can instantly reply and check WhatsApp without checking your smartphone. As I said, using this messenger on all of your devices would be more convenient to make your communication better.

Now when it comes to WhatsApp download for PC, then you may need to know the WhatsApp Operating System is installed on your computer. Because specified WhatsApp version wouldn’t run on all platform. So, here I will give you WhatsApp download link for Windows/Mac.

Download WhatsApp for Mac OS/MacBook/MacBook Pro

You can download and run WhatsApp on your Mac OS X running MacBook for free. To download the free latest version of this application on the device, you can follow the below dropped link. WhatsApp Messenger for Mac is optimized for its device to give you the better user experience.

Click here to download WhatsApp App for Mac OS

Well, this download link is official; so, be sure about the security of your MacBook device. Install the file soon after download and get into the world of WhatsApp communication.

WhatsApp for Windows PC/Windows 10/8.1/7/XP

There was a time when WhatsApp lover installs this app via OS emulator but for now, it is an old fashion to install WhatsApp on Windows PC. There is now dedicated WhatsApp PC version from the official, so no need to install Android or iOS emulator on your Windows PC. Just click on the download link from below and you will get this popular messenger even on your computer.

Click here to download latest WhatsApp for Windows PC

How to use WhatsApp on PC without download?

As I mentioned just before, there are two options for using WhatsApp on PC and I dropped all the link to download it. Downloading the official WhatsApp version will get you a dedicated experience of WhatsApp PC. However, in the second option, you can use WhatsApp without installing. Well, this is also a good idea to use this medium instantly.

I told you about WhatsApp web-version, which is my favorite option to use WhatsApp without downloading on my PC. You can use on your PC if you wish not to download it.

Well, web-based WhatsApp can be used in your browser and for that, you don’t even need any browser extension. Also, good thing is that it runs in all existing PC browser; check out how to use WhatsApp in your browser.

Steps to use WhatsApp in the browser:

  • Open any of your PC browsers and in the URL bar write and press enter.
  • You will see QR code that you need to scan from your smartphone.WhatsApp for PC with WhatsApp web
  • In your Smartphone WhatsApp app find WhatsApp Web and the camera app will open.
  • Scan the QR code from your PC browser and immediately it will sync all the chats. Thus you are ready to start a new conversation and checking WhatsApp.

In this way, you can run WhatsApp on Mac/Windows PC. For both operating systems, the steps are same that is so can be followed. Now, it is up to you as I have given both procedures to use WhatsApp on a PC. Here are steps for using WhatsApp without app download and using WhatsApp PC version; hope, this will help a lot using the app on a computer now.

WhatsApp for Smartphones/Android/iOS/Windows Mobile/Blackberry

It is no doubt that WhatsApp is mostly used on Smartphones because this is the only device we keep with us wherever go. And finding the WhatsApp for Smartphone download is also easier than other two platforms that I mentioned already. When it comes to Smartphone download you have to download it depending on the operating system of your Smartphone.

There are many Smartphone platforms which include Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry OS. And that is why I will add all the download links for those platforms. For all these, platforms it can be download for free. So, check out the link for your Smartphone, as I am going to give all the link to these mentioned platforms.

WhatsApp for Android Smartphones

Android is one of the giant mobile operating systems, if you own an Android-powered smartphone then you can download it from the below link. Yes, it is very easy to download WhatsApp from its app market or from Google Play Store. Also, you can download an apk from outsources, if you don’t want to download WhatsApp from its own app store.

So, basically, you get two option downloading WhatsApp for Android Smartphone. And to download the latest WhatsApp from Google Play Store, here you can check out the download link from below.

Click here to download from Google Play Store

In the second option, you have to be careful, as this not safe downloaded from other sources. You can find many download link for WhatsApp apk but not all of them would be safe downloading. So, here I have included a safe link for latest WhatsApp APK download for your Android device.

Click here to Download Latest WhatsApp APK

Downloading the latest WhatsApp apk you will need to install the apk file on your Android device. Some steps would require installing the downloaded WhatsApp apk file and I will guide you the installation procedure for it. If you haven’t installed any apk file on your device then the steps are recommended to follow on. So, check out the installation steps  for WhatsApp installation;

  • Before installing go to the Android Smartphone Main Settings – Security – Unknown sources.
  • Enable Unknown sources tapping toggle button on the side.
  • Now search for the downloaded Whatsapp apk file in your device file manager or downloaded folder.
  • Tap on whatsapp.apk and you will get installation pop-up.
  • Agree with installation terms and it will get installed on the device.
  • After a little while, it will get installed on Android Smartphone and you can start using it.

WhatsApp for iOS/iPhone

iOS one of the most intuitive and secured smartphone operating system and if you own an iOS Smartphone then here you can download it from the below free WhatsApp for iOS download link. It is free to download from iOS App Store and easy to get on iPhone.WhatsApp for iphone

To download WhatsApp for iPhone or iOS device in below you find the official link for WhatsApp app download. So, get the latest WhatsApp app for your iOS iPhone here;

Click here to download WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone

WhatsApp for Blackberry/Nokia

There are many users still using Blackberry and Nokia devices and being a user you might know WhatsApp supports on these devices as well. So, if you own any of the devices from these manufacturers then you can download the latest version of this messenger app. You can download WhatsApp for Nokia, WhatsApp for features phone, Java and others version.WhatsApp app for blackberry

WhatsApp for Nokia Devices

Nokia does come with many operating systems that include Windows Mobile, Android, and classic Symbian. So, if you own a Nokia device, then you can download it from the below WhatsApp download links. But makes sure which Operating System on the Smartphone.

Click Here WhatsApp for Nokia Windows Mobile

Click Here WhatsApp for Nokia Android

Click Here WhatsApp for Nokia Symbian

WhatsApp for Blackberry

Blackberry OS 10 now support Android all app, so you can download it now from the above given Android download link. As I said all of the download links are latest and updates to the newest version. So, download WhatsApp for Blackberry device now from the above Android download link.

WhatsApp download for All – wrapping up!

WhatsApp is an essential communication app that can be downloaded on most existing Operating Systems. So these are all about WhatsApp messenger download for all device platforms. All the latest WhatsApp download version has been added to this article accordingly for all operating systems. Download it now for your device from the WhatsApp for Tablet, WhatsApp for PC, and WhatsApp for Smartphone. Get connected to the world of WhatsApp community anywhere anytime, as you are now able to chat with all platforms.

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Let me know if you have any issue downloading any of the WhatsApp version for your device by commenting on the comment box. Also, your suggestions are welcome and one think is recommended to save this page, as I will updating latest version on this page.

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