Security is a big concern for all of the online users and this issue is now for the WhatsApp users. With more 23 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is a big hit as the best instant messaging service. To keep its position all the time, it is always trying hard to updating with latest and useful features. But, bad news for the WhatsApp users and WhatsApp itself.

WhatsApp flaws

WhatsApp recently also received many negative feedbacks for spam messages. A new limitation for message forwarding in WhatsApp is coming very soon. Well, this feature already rolled out for the iOS beta users. In a recent WhatsApp beta 2.18.81 is has received forwarding limitation. In this new beta version, users are allowed to add up to 5 recipients, whereas the older version could add all contact numbers to forward a message from WhatsApp.

Now again WhatsApp in the news for security flaws. This new security flaws could be another headache for the most WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp New Changes – The Bad and Good!

An Israel-based cybersecurity firm has found out the security glitch that allows hackers to manipulate users’ text. Using this security flaw, hackers can control over any users WhatsApp account. This is a very serious issue, which can be used for spreading fake or spam messages.

WhatsApp is totally free and despite free, it is easy to use and works very well even in poor internet condition. As WhatsApp always trying to change its experience to make it a much better place for the WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp loophole

As a part of the update, WhatsApp iOS already received a Picture-in-Picture feature. However, this feature still not live in for the Android users. After two months of wait, good news for the Android WhatsApp users. A new report says WhatsApp working for WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture for the Android OS.

Additionally, Instagram ads like system would be implemented to WhatsApp app and they might integrate ads in WhatsApp this year fall. However, there would be many second thoughts regarding this update, as WhatsApp is a pure IM service with no ads and busy features.


In a report says over 100 companies are already trying their ads in this ad-related feature of WhatsApp. Well, this is not any of pleasing update for the WhatsApp users and may come into the app very soon. However, WhatsApp Business users will see some more options to utilize better their WhatsApp accounts.

WhatsApp expanding the users’ quantity, days before announced the on their blog releasing the group voice and video call for both Android and iOS users. After releasing this feature they have hinted it is engineered to do group video chat and audio call even under the slow network situation. Unlike its text message end-to-end encryption, the video and audio call also will be secured by this feature.

With these recent updates, another message forwarding policy might give a relaxation to most WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp Security Flaws Could Allow Hackers Manipulating Users Accounts

WhatsApp has been taking proper steps to ensure the security of its users. This loophole is mainly can be used for sending fake messages, spam messages, spreading hoax. Check Research Point, an Israel based cybersecurity found this loophole and they have published a video. The video clearly shows how WhatsApp could be used for controlling someone’s account. However, this WhatsApp is taking the steps to fill this loophole and download.

Here is the WhatsApp message manipulation video made by Check Research Point, where you can see the misuse of WhatsApp by another user.

All you need is to wait for the next security update from WhatsApp and hope they will fix it very soon. You can update your WhatsApp from Google Play Store and App Store. Make sure your app is updated day-to-day to ensure better security.

Big Security Loophole in WhatsApp: Beware All WhatsApp Users!
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