The oxygenic update is now live for the Indian WhatsApp users. Yes, after a horrifying news because of spam news through WhatsApp, it is now taking a step forward to stop spam message. WhatsApp is brought a new message forward restriction policy to avoid unnecessary messages in WhatsApp app. Forwarding capability also restricted to limited users, as of before, any message could be forward to multiple numbers of recipients on the go.

This Facebook-owned instant messaging server is never tired of bringing new updates to its app. Recently, we saw many useful updates brought to the WhatsApp app. In a tweet by WABetaInfo inform that WhatsApp beta has received a new update for bug fixed and interestingly it adds limitation for the forwarding feature. Now, this is publicly released for the Indian WhatsApp users. Before now, it was uncertain in which country this WhatsApp forward limitation would be applied. WhatsApp forward limit in India

Well, you might be waiting for any other updates but this is coming very is next few days for the public users. Let us discuss more about WhatsApp changes and upcoming updates.

Message Forwarding Restriction Now Official for Indian Users

WhatsApp is totally free and despite free, it is easy to use and works very well even in poor internet condition. As WhatsApp always trying to change its experience to make it a much better place for the WhatsApp users.

As a part of the update, WhatsApp iOS already received a Picture-in-Picture feature. However, this feature still not live in for the Android users. After two months of wait, good news for the Android WhatsApp users. A new report says WhatsApp working for WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture for the Android OS.

Additionally, Instagram ads like system would be implemented to WhatsApp app and they might integrate ads in WhatsApp this year fall. However, there would be many second thoughts regarding this update, as WhatsApp is a pure IM service with no ads and busy features.

WhatsApp forward

In a report says over 100 companies are already trying their ads in this ad-related feature of WhatsApp. Well, this is not any of pleasing update for the WhatsApp users and may come into the app very soon. However, WhatsApp Business users will see some more options to utilize better their WhatsApp accounts.

WhatsApp expanding the users’ quantity, days before announced the on their blog releasing the group voice and video call for both Android and iOS users. After releasing this feature they have hinted it is engineered to do group video chat and audio call even under the slow network situation. Unlike its text message end-to-end encryption, the video and audio call also will be secured by this feature.

With these recent updates, another message forwarding policy might give a relaxation to most WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp Message Forwarding Restriction Feature Coming ASAP:

A new limitation for message forwarding in WhatsApp is coming very soon. Well, this feature already rolled out for the iOS beta users. In a recent WhatsApp beta 2.18.81 is has received forwarding limitation. In this new beta version, users are allowed to add up to 5 recipients, whereas the older version could add all contact numbers to forward a message from WhatsApp.

This steps coming after WhatsApp received many negative feedbacks for spam message circulating through this app. You might have seen viral videos or lynching cases for fake news circulation in WhatsApp. To avoid this type of spam, this is one of the steps from the WhatsApp official to avoid hoax and spam message.

However, this update is for the iOS WhatsApp beta users and may come for the WhatsApp iOS public user first and after that, it will roll out for the Android users. As of now, WhatsApp beta for Android didn’t receive this update so expected to come later than the iOS users.

WhatsApp always a step forward to bring the better features to make their app better place to get connected with friends and family. And to be the top player in instant messaging service, this is another important update for them. Do you think, limiting the recipient could help to stop spam in WhatsApp? Let us know what you think on this issue and if you have any better solution can share us too by commenting in below portion.


WhatsApp Message Forward Now Limited To 5 Recipients Officially in India
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