Recently WhatsApp has launched one new feature for the Group Admins to provide extra power to them after their big drop because of the Whatsapp backups not secured news. We know that WhatsApp is one of the best instant messaging apps until now in the world of Smartphones. Using this app user can easily perform the group chat as well as the individual chats too. However, until now, there was some limitation for the Admins over the group members. After introducing the new feature, now group admins have the power to participate in their conversation. With the help of this new feature, group admin can able to decide the right and wrong in the conversation. Even the admin has the authorization to block the members as well. This information is all about the WhatsApp Group Admins can able to block other members from texting.

The Admin of the old group, as well as the new group, can control the group messages, which include text, photo, videos, audio, and GIFs too. If the admin finds any type of wrong in the messages then he can block that member easily such that the particular member will not able to text anymore in-group. However, that blocked member can able to view all the messages in the group and reply in private to the message sender by tapping on the option ‘Message Admin’ only. One more thing is that this updated feature is available for both the Android and iOS devices.

How to access the feature? – WhatsApp Group Admins can able to block other members from texting:

Hope you all are interested now in using this feature for your group only. If you are a group admin, then you must need to know the procedure to use the features in your WhatsApp forward message group. Make sure you are a group admin of WhatsApp group before using this admin feature. Now, follow the below steps and apply the same in your group too.

Step 1: At first, the group Admin need to open the particular WhatsApp group and go to the option ‘Group Info’.

Step2: Then from the Group Info option, you need to tap the ‘Group Settings’ and choose the next option i.e., ‘Send Messages’.

Step 3: Now as an Admin, you will get able to choose the option between ‘Only Admins’ and ‘All Participants’.

Step 4: If you choose the option, ‘Only Admins’ then admin will have the proper right to post any content in the group. In this current situation if you as an admin want to permit any member to send any message in-group then the admin needs to make that member as a group admin only.

Step 5: Next if you choose the ‘All Participant’ option it will easily maintain the existing post rights in WhatsApp group. It will help you to send the message to all the group members and admins as well.

Final Words:

These are all about the new feature ‘WhatsApp Group Admins Can Able to Block Other Members from Texting’ introduces by WhatsApp for the entire group Admins. With the help of this agenda, you can put full control on every member of your group from all the points. Early this facility was not available for the group members, such that everybody used to post any content as their wish. Now as a group admin, if you feel anything wrong then simply block that member from texting in the group anymore.

WhatsApp New Update For Group Message Admins
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