WhatsApp never stops receiving updated features. It has received a major update recently for the WhatsApp group call. Facebook-owned WhatsApp is also getting ads in WhatsApp status. WhatsApp advertisement may hit after this year fall, alongside WhatsApp bad news, there is a good news too.

One good news for the Android users, WhatsApp reportedly bringing picture-in-picture or PiP mode for the Android platform. Though, iOS users are most of the time could experience can new features in apps. iOS users are already enjoying YouTube Dark theme but recently this feature is rolling out on most of the devices. This was WhatsApp picture-in-picture mode also getting ready to be updated in Android Operating System. WhatsApp picture in picture

Again WhatsApp PiP feature is two months old for the iOS users and they already experiencing this cool feature. Using this feature, WhatsApp users can stream a YouTube link at the same place without leaving for the YouTube app.

WhatsApp Picture in Picture Mode May Roll Out Soon

WhatsApp is a notorious Instant Messaging service that has more than 2.3 billion active users. From downloading to use, WhatsApp is totally free and despite free, it is easy to use and works very well even in poor internet condition. As WhatsApp always trying to change its experience to make it a much better place for the WhatsApp users.

As a part of the update, WhatsApp iOS already received PiP feature. However, this feature still not live in for the Android users. After two months of wait, good news for the Android WhatsApp users. A new report says WhatsApp working for WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture for the Android OS.

Well, this much-anticipated feature may come very soon with WhatsApp beta version 2.18.234. After this come to live in the public version WhatsApp, this feature will let the users to watch YouTube video or any video link in WhatsApp. For now, streaming YouTube video link is not possible in the WhatsApp app or link will redirect you to YouTube app or take you to the integrated browser.

WhatsApp picture in picture

A report by WABetaInfo reported on Thursday,

“WhatsApp is working very hard for past many months in order to add this feature, adding new improvements in the next updates. After implementing the feature on WhatsApp for iOS, we can finally affirm it will be possible, in the next updates, to view YouTube and Instagram videos in WhatsApp, using the Picture-in-Picture mode.”

WhatsApp PiP will not be available for now and may take some another month to come for all. The feature still needs more works to be available for all and this is why Android users have to wait.

WhatsApp Business version will be charging in near days and WhatsApp Status ads are something bad news for the WhatsApp lovers. Facebook-owned WhatsApp may come with Picture-in-Picture mode but they may need to way more time. Let us see if this feature come in WhatsApp Beta version first.

Let us know what are you thinking about this WhatsApp PiP feature, which is taking so much time for the Android Operating System. Besides, WhatsApp ads and chargeable feature, WhatsApp PIP also a long way to come but good thing is that WhatsApp PiP feature is not iOS exclusive and will come someday for Android users.

WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture for Android in Progress: Not iOS Exclusive!
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