WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping [WhatsApp Full Size DP Without Crop]

Now you can set full size WhatsApp profile picture with the help of WhatsApp Profile Picture without Cropping tricks. Yes, this one of the most wanted features for most of the WhatsApp users. Basically, its users are not allowed to set full size DP with any ratio of the picture you choose. A user needs to choose a WhatsApp DP size limit of 1:1 photo or other ratio formate needs to be cropped in 1:1 frame.  Well, this is annoying when you wish to have a WhatsApp profile picture in full size. Despite, attaching a complete photo of your is kind of impossible because all the time you are forced to crop it. And you cant adjust the full picture in this respective size, which is quite a disappointment for me and you. Previously I have also shared about an amazing app named GBWhatsApp APK which you can also check out.

WhatsApp dp without cropping

Well, we have found a nice trick to enable or making you enable for enabling WhatsApp full size DP. If you wish to do so then here is everything about how to set WhatsApp DP without cropping. You might have seen some good tricks for this but here I want to include the easiest method for it. Now you don’t have to worry about WhatsApp picture size limit anymore. Also check out some amazing WhatsApp group names for WhatsApp article.

How to Set WhatsApp Profile Picture without cropping?

If you are looking for this tricks then you might be owning an Android device. As the issue of set full size WhatsApp profile picture can be settled without cropping on iOS or iPhone/iPad devices. Most of you may not know this feature is already existing in WhatsApp iOS version. So, if you have an iOS device then there is no issue making WhatsApp DP without cropping.

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WhatsApp DP without crop on iOS:

Well, you don’t need any other photo editing apps to adjust the full size photo in 1:1 ratio frame. The feature comes by default in iOS WhatsApp version and to know how to it;

WhatsApp profile picture without Crop

  • Open WhatsApp app on your iOS device and find the Settings in right below.
  • Tap on the Settings followed by Profile Icon.
  • Now, tap on Edits and select a photo that you want to add without cropping it.
  • After adding it, now you can pinch zoom, zoom out and drag to the right position. However, you need to zoom out to adjust WhatsApp Profile photo and make it enable for full-view.

Well, this is how you can use full sized photos in WhatsApp on iOS devices. As this is a pre-loaded feature on this operating system, you can do it by without downloading any other apps.

Set WhatsApp DP without crop in Android version?

Well, unlike iOS version, there is no way to set WhatsApp profile picture without cropping in the same app. You need to download third party app, which I use when need to put a DP with full resolution. Well, WhatsCrop No Crop app is one my most favorite app for setting up WhatsApp profile picture without cropping. This is my most favorite because it has many good features with which you can do WhatsApp profile picture crop.

Although, it is a many third-party app are there, which are good for making WhatsApp DP. But WhatsCrop No Crop does come with some extra features, which make it unique than others.WhatsApp full size DP

Install WhatsCrop No Crop and Use WhatsApp DP without Crop!

Step No.1: Download and Edit

  • Click here to download  WhatsCrop No Crop for Android. This link will redirect you to the Google Play Store and can be downloaded safely on your Android Smartphone.
  • Now after installing this app on the device, open it. Browse a photo that you want to crop under 1:1 frame.
  • Just said before, zoom out to bring the full vision of the photo in the showing frame.
  • After adjusting the photo in the frame, you can even customize the background.
  • Finally, after doing all the editing task, you can save it.

Step No.2: Set Profile Picture

  • Now after saving the photo, you need to set up the WhatsApp app.
  • Go to WhatsApp Setting toggle, tap on profile icon.
  • Choose newly saved photo or that you recently created. Save the photo as your WhatsApp DP and you are done setting up WhatsApp full size profile picture without crop.

Last Words:

So, there is the way to use full sized photos in WhatsApp profile DP. In this way, you don’t have to crop your desired photos. Try out these ways to set WhatsApp profile picture without cropping, which I have added to Android and iOS device.

As an Android user, you need to install the app that has been mentioned and iOS user only need to follow the shown method. Hope, you have found the convenient ways to enable WhatsApp profile picture without crop tricks; try it now and amaze others and be worry free for WhatsApp picture size limit.

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