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Also if someone is asking for your suggestion and looking for the WhatsApp story update then you can refer them this below listed romantic status. Lovers are obsessed and passionate when they get to read romantic status. Hence, check out love status collection if you are using WhatsApp or OGWhatsApp and want to share your love updating WhatsApp profile status.

100+ Romantic WhatsApp Status Love Collection 2018

Earlier days when there was no Smartphones person normally greet each other with text messages. And those were the only way to express feelings for each other by sharing romantic lines in SMS or MMS. But with the progress in the development of technology and lifestyles, things have really changed. Do you have an intention to impress a girl or win her heart? Here is what you need for that, and we have listed for you over 100+ Best WhatsApp Status Love & Romantic WhatsApp Love Status.

– Heart Melting 100+ Best Love Status for WhatsApp 2018:

Best Romantic Love WhatsApp Status 2018
I will come running to you when you call out my Name.
I swear that I will love you like anything else.
Baby, you are all that I need. And nothing else makes me happy but you.
Nothing is perfect in this world. But when I see you smile it proves me wrong.
Thinking of you every day. Miss, you like anything else before.
No matter what worst comes into our lives. I will never stop loving you and I mean it.
No amount of money can make me happy when you I listen to you songs.
Shed lots of tears just to make you happy.
The most amazing thing that has ever happened in my life is the day I found you.
My life was meaningless but you gave the meaning of my life.
No one can replace your love for me in my heart.
I fall in love with you, again and again, each time I see you smile.
You are the only reason that I am alive.
You are the light in my darkness.
If you were not there for me. I could not imagine how my life would have been.
Do you have feelings for her then say it before it is too late?
You are with me that matters everything now.
I will never say goodbye, and we will meet again.
There is a saying True love never dies.
If you love me, you will come back for me no matter what happens.
The best feeling is smiling at your crush and she smiles back.
No one can ever love you back like I did.
Falling in love with you is the best feeling.
I am scared of losing you. Please don’t ever leave me alone.
Meeting you was a fortune, become your friend was my choice. And falling in love with you mad my life.
My love for you is beyond measures and limits.
What I want badly in my life is only you.
I will keep on loving you until the day I die.
Nothing but Love will keep us alive.
I was lonely but then you came into my life.
The world is changing but I will never change.
The only reason you are feeling at night is you are in love.
The bond between the gaps between your fingers and mine will never break apart.
When I think of you, it just put a smile on my face.
I miss the way you kissed me on my cheeks and forehead.
I remember the night I shared with you cold feet and one blanket together.
Falling in love is a rare thing which you should never ignore.
Never let go of your true love.
I will stop talking to you only the day I die.
No one can ever stop me loving you not even death.
I can live without having the money or luxurious life. But not without you My Love.
Hold my hand and trust me. I will never let you go.
I feel like an idiot when I realize I should have told you that I love.
The only key to my happiness is you and no one else.
No one can ever replace my love for you.
When I see you smile it just made my day.
To me, you are the golden goose and treasures.
I love you forever and ever.
I swear I will never disappoint you, my love.
Believe me and give me the chance to love you.
I feel like flying and tell the whole world that I love you.
I wish I cloud climb mount Everest and scream your name to prove my love for you.
Sometimes I hate you but that does not mean I don’t love you.
A single day without you feels like forever.
You are the most beautiful person I have ever met in my life.   
I feel like I am the luckiest person alive because I have found you.
Getting to know you is the wonderful thing happened to me.
I have nothing in my life. And without you it is incomplete.
Pick me up with your arms when I am weak.
Meet you was an accident but it happened for a purpose.
I wish I could express the feelings that I have for you.
You took my breath away, the moment I saw you for the first time.
I love you with all my heart and soul.
Listen to what your heart says and speak it out.
You took all my pain away and I am very thankful for that.
How can someone be just beautiful as you are?
I have never met someone sweet like you.
Will you there for me in my hardest time.
Rains remind of the past that we had together.
Each time I see you it puts a smile on my face.
I only dream I have is spending time with you.
Fill this emptiness that I am feeling right now.
I hear you calling my name.
Each time I hear your voice I fall in love with you all over again.
Tell me the truth do you love me?
Baby, just say yes! I will bring all the happiness in your hand.
For all this time I watch you go and that you smile back.
Please tell me is this love?
How long will I keep on talking to myself?
I need someone who can listen to what I have to say.
Don’t just leave me here all alone I know you cannot live without me.
The best feeling is when you come to my dream.
We are made for each other baby let us stay together and forever.
I can afford to lose everything, but not you.
I am very thankful to God because you are the wonderful gift that I have ever received.
The only thing I am scared about in life is losing you. And I will let that happen.
You are the only breath of my life and I can’t survive without you.
I am okay at present only because you are there for me.
I just don’t want to feel this love alone. And I want you to know it too.
The time will never come that you will have to say goodbye to me.
I will never stop loving you even if you don’t love me back.
No force on earth can keep us apart from loving each other.
You look good on the very first day I saw you.
I should have told you about my feelings on that day.
It still feels like Yesterday that we meet and it put a smile on my face
What I am today is all because of you.
I kept on telling me about how I fell about you.
Every morning I remember your beautiful smiling face.
I’ am actually dying from the inside. You are the only one who can save me.
No one can ever stop me loving you not even death.
You are the light in my darkness.


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So, these are the best romantic status collection of 2018 that you can ever share when you are feeling loved or romantic. Hope, you have like them; all need is setting up them in your WhatsApp profile status and express your love feelings.

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