Now the users’ of WhatsApp can contact the company’s support team directly using the app under ‘Setting’ tab and if they want to escalate the complaint, they can also contact the Grievance Officer directly. According to a section within FAQs it was said that users can contact with their concerns and complaints to the Grievance Officer which includes the WhatsApp Terms and Service and Questions about your account.

Whatsapp curb messages

WhatsApp, one of the Facebook-owned service has spelled out a detailed process for users to flag complaints and different concerns and has fallen in line to keep a key promise with the government by appointing a grievance officer to handle the fake news in our country India. And the appointment was made at the end of August according to the sources.

WhatsApp to take action on curb messages:

The sources say that the officer is based out of the US which is in tune with the same practices by other American tech giants. The most popular messaging app which is US- based updated its website and also said that the users can get help through the mobile app and also send an email or write in to ‘Komal Lahiri’ and this LinkedIn profile mentions that she is a senior director, global customer operations and localization of WhatsApp.

The steps for law enforcement officials are also detailed by the updated FAQs to reach out to WhatsApp.

Whatsapp curb messages

There are more than 200 million users of WhatsApp only in India and we can say that India is one of the biggest markets of WhatsApp. In July, limited message forwards to five chats in the same time and removed the quick forward button which is placed next to media message to discourage mass forwarding. With this, a forward label has also introduced to help the users to identify the forward messages.

The government is always working and asking WhatsApp security to develop useful tools to combat fake or wrong messages, and once asked to name a grievance officer to deal with issues in India. In a meeting held last month with Head Chris Daniels, IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had asserted that to find a solution to track origin of messages on its platform , the company will have to find a solution, and set up a local corporate entity that is subject to Indian laws, which is found within a defined time- frame as well as appoint a grievance officer.

WhatsApp Takes Key Measure To Curb Fake News
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