3 Simple Ways To Know Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile

Who visited my Instagram profile? if this question is in your mind then you will be good to know that this article is all about how to know Who viewed my Instagram profile. Now, this is possible with some useful methods, which I will be adding on this page. There are many time people look at your profile and you don’t even know. Find out those secret followers who have been visiting your Instagram profile recently. Instagram is a decent photo and video sharing platform, where a popular hashtag means a lot. Whenever you put a popular hashtag, it is obvious that you will get some profile, visitors. Although, there can be many secret followers, who casually don’t wish to follow you but follows you manually. Recently, I have written on similar article on How to Know Who Visited My Facebook Profile which you should also check out.

who views your Instagram

Find out who are they if really wish to know Who viewed your Instagram profile recently. Also, you may like to download Instagram Videos, which we added to our site and recommended to this app users. Finding your stalker wasn’t easy, as there is no official way till date. However, I have found some of the genius tools and methods those going to help you in this regards anyway. So, without taking much time of yours let us get into Who views your Instagram account method and steps.

Why do you need to know Who Viewed My Instagram Profile and How you can know?

Well, the first question that arises is why you need to know who viewed your Instagram profile?

It feels really nice to know that your social account is popular in some niche, and you are getting visitors every now and then. If am not wrong then, this is the first concern for all the college or school students, popularity is the first need at the moment. But with the increase of popularity, you will also need to take care of your security and take precautions because stalkers can also be bad for your at the end.

So in order to keep yourself in a safe side (you always need to), you need to know who has viewed your Instagram profile last.

You don’t have to rack your head to find out your Instagram Stalker. Also, from the methods, some of can be done on your Smartphone and some can be on PC. So, opt out with your convenient methods to find Instagram profile stalkers.

It is possible to see who visited my Instagram Profile officially?

No, as said before this cannot be checked in the Instagram app. There are certain terms and condition of Instagram which will never allow you to view the list of last visited Instagram profile officially.

But generally, you can check your profile and recent views of that Instagram profile. However, this is not the main intention of this article. All we are here for is to know secret visitors of our Instagram account.

So, let us see who visited my Instagram Profile or Who visited your profile on Instagram.

iOS User – Check Your Instagram Post Stalkers:

Some good list of Instagram profile viewers tracker app is available for the iOS and iPhone/iPad users. But here I will be adding the best two social fan tracker apps for iOS users. So, let us see the useful app to see who is checking your Instagram profile.

1. Social Fans – Control Your Social Fans

This is free to download an iOS app, which you can download from the App Store. Social Fans app promise to allow you to know who views your Instagram and Facebook. We already added this app to know who visited your Facebook profile. Though the app is free you will have to pay $6.99 for a week and 19.99 for a month. So, keep in mind that without spending some buck it won’t work or you can check who visited your Instagram account or viewed its posts.

social fans

You can download this app from the below download button, it can be download for free and will redirect you to the Apple App Store.

2. Social Track – Track Your Instagram Account Followers

This is again free to download Instagram profile visitor tracker app for iOS or iPhone/iPad users. All you need to download this Instagram spy app from App Store or find a download button for this app. The app is free still, you will have to spend on the membership plan.

social track

To find who visited Instagram Profile, it would charge you $5.99, $21.99 and $0.99 for a week, a month and to remove the ads respectively. Download now from given download button in below;

How to know who visited my Instagram Profile?

  • At the very first download the app from the given download button.
  • Now open the app after successfully installing this on your device. Immediately you can see a login option for Instagram and Facebook.
  • For Instagram stalker tracing, log in to Instagram from the available options.
  • Provide your Instagram Log in ID and proceed to the next page.
  • Now, all you have to do is choosing a plan and

How to track Instagram Stalkers?

  • Download the app from above download button and open the app after successfully installing it.
  • This app can connect to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Provide Instagram login ID and press Login.Who Viewed My Instagram Profile
  • Now choose any desired membership plan, as because without any of these plans, you can’t check who behind your Instagram profile.

For Android Users – Ways to See Secret Instagram Profile Visitors

Now if you use an Android device then check out the how to deal with Instagram stalkers. Unlike iOS, Android Google Play also comes with a bunch of options for this concern I have picked some a very useful app, which helped me know who visited my Instagram profile and post.

Now we can check out the app or download the app on your Android device;

1. Who viewed my Instagram profile for Android app:

This is a free app for Android running device users. This would help you find the recent viewers of your Instagram profile. This is a perfect profile stalker for Instagram or who wish to know who viewed my Instagram profile. So, download this app now from the below download button.

How to use this app and see the Instagram Profile viewers?

  • After downloading this app it will automatically get installed on your Android device.
  • Now open the app and immediately you can see Connect to INSTAGRAM. Tap on that button.

who views my Instagram

  • Provide Instagram Login ID and password. Immediately you can see the secret followers from your Instagram account.Who views your Instagram stories

2. Follower Insight App:

With the help of Follower Insight app, you will be able to track your Instagram account. Not only your Instagram stalkers, but you can also keep your eye on your followers, who have unfollowed you and also who have blocked you on Instagram. As soon as someone blocks or unfollow you, you will be getting a notification on your phone to keep you updated every now and then.  So in compared to other mentioned apps, this is one of the best apps with all the features that an app should have. Download the app from here below

How to use this application:

  • Download the app from above and install it on your device.
  • After you install the app on your device, you will need to log in your Instagram account on the app to keep an update on your IG account.

app features

  • As soon as you connect your IG account with the app, you will get a notification everytime you lose a follower or someone blocks you from now on. As simple as it is.

followers insight

So, this was all about how to find Instagram Profile viewers. Now if you are looking for who viewed your Instagram profile, or “check your Instagram page” then this article should help. As an iOS and Android device user download the given app, which can be download for free. So, what is more? Download any of the desired apps and know who secretly stalking your Instagram post and profile. Let me know if you have any queries and suggestion by comment here in below comment box and I will be happy to reply regarding your concern.

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