If you are one of who wish to know who visited my Facebook profile then you will good to know this article is about this only. Check out who has been following or checking Who viewed your Facebook profile without your attention, as there is no feature to find those hidden fans of you. And this is why we will be adding all possible ways who really wish to know Who is looking at your Facebook. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking services and we know being here you are one of them. It happens where people look at profile visitors for Facebook to check what is going on them. However, this cannot be defined from the given feature on Facebook.

We have come with some possible ways to resolve this thing and now it is possible to check who viewed my Profile on Facebook. So, who is on your back check out now with the given method for seeing the people checking your profile in behind.

How to Check Who Visited My Facebook Profile?

Is there a real way to see who views your profile on Facebook?
Yes, this is possible to check the people recently visited your profile on Facebook. But as said before, this cannot be done officially, as this feature is not added to it. However, there are some ways to unlock this feature.

Who Visited My Facebook Profile

Here we go, find who viewed my Facebook profile free;

How to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

Yes, you can but these methods will be unofficial or use the third-party tools. You may find many of these types but most of them don’t work at all and not up to the mark. In this case, we have found some of the cool tools for finding the user who viewed Facebook Profile recently. If you are looking for it then check out the process for it.

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For Android Users: Use Who Visited My Facebook Profile Android App

As we said, we will be adding all possible methods to know who visits your Facebook profile. Now, if you own an Android device and want to know this concern then check out a useful app.who viewed my facebook profile

Well, the app name is Who Viewed Your Profile – Social Stats Analyser, this app can be downloaded for free on your Android device. Just download it from Google Play Store or find the download button in below.

  • Download social state analyzer for Facebook profile visitors. And after it gets installed on your device, open the app.
  • As you will find profile visitors on Facebook, all you need to add your Facebook login information to this app.
  • Tapping the log in option immediately you can see the log in the section where you will be adding you Facebook username and password gradually.
  • After providing the information, tap on log in and wait for a moment.
  • After a moment, it will show you up all the users name those has been visited on your Facebook profile.

This is the most convenient way to trace who viewed profile on Facebook information of you. Now, if you have an Android device, just tap on the download button and see have recently visited on your Facebook profile free.

For PC user(Chrome User): Using Chrome Extension

Hey, PC users[Windows/OSX/Linux] if you use Chrome browser on your PC then check out the way to find out Who views your Facebook profile. You don’t need to rack your brain to know all the steps doing so. Here you can check out the way for it.

Here you can add a Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Chrome extension to your Chrome browser, which I recently found very useful knowing the people who were behind my Facebook profile.

Well, Facebook profile view notification is a recommended Chrome extension that you can add for free in your Chrome Extension for Facebook profile views.

Who Visited My Facebook Profile

Steps to get this extension in your Chrome browser;

  • Open your Chrome browser and click on the more option located on the upper right corner.Who viewed your facebook profile
  • Now place your cursor on the More tools and click on Extension. profile visitors for facebook
  • Scroll down below, find Get more extensions and click on it.chrome extension to view recently visited facebook profile
  • Now you can find a search bar where you can search for Social Profile View Notifications. You can see the result and tap on  ADD TO CHROME.Who is looking at your Facebook

So, in this way, adding this extension to your browser, you can rectify user that have been visited your Facebook profile. All you need to follow the required steps that I showed you above in your Chrome browser and check out who viewed your Facebook profile.

For any Browser: Steps to check who view my Facebook Profile

Now check out the other possible ways to explore secret followers on Facebook. Only you will be needing a browser on your PC and can be checked visited users on your account. So, here down below let us see who visited your FB profile with the help of a browser.

Step1: Open a browser and visit www.facebook.com. As soon you log in to the Facebook, go to your Facebook Timeline. You will need this page, to check recently visited users on Facebook profile.

Step2: After being on this page, place cursor on any blank space and click right to find View Page Source. A page source would be open in a new browser window. Now find keyword from the source format or click Cntrl+F at the same time and provide InitialChatFriendList in the search bar.who just viewed my facebook profile

Step3: Following these steps you might be seeing a lot of numbers in this page format. Those numbers are Facebook ID who visited profile on Facebook. Now keep this page like this and copy the any of the number ID from the page.

who viewed my profile apk

Step4: Now open a new tab in your browser and provide www.facebook.com/facebook-ID. Yes, you need to paste profile ID showing on your profile source page after the slash in the URL. Press enter after providing the number ID after URL, press Enter and this will redirect you to the Facebook profile who have recently viewed your account.

iOS and iPhone/iPad: How to find Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

Now if you use this iOS or its running devices like iPhone and iPad then here I have brought a new way to find recently visited Facebook users on your profile. This can be downloaded on your iOS running device for free but it will require a subscription to generate recent visitors. For monthly and weekly subscription it will charge you & $19.99 and $6.99 respectively.find out who visited your facebook profile

To download this app find out the below download button and get it for free on your device.

Wrapping it up:

Many people visit your Facebook profile, which you don’t know. It cant be defined officially; however, this can be done as above shown methods. Just follow the steps like added on above and you can check Who Visited My Facebook Profile. As I said these methods really helped me check my recent visitors on Facebook profile. So, find out now, if you want to know who looks at your Facebook profile.

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