Transferring Apps, Music, Videos and other media or files have never been easier between devices since the introduction of Xender file transfer app or Xender Apk. Before this app, file transfer from one device to the other was only possible through Bluetooth and Infrared. File transfer through these are still possible but when compared to file transferring apps like Xender, these options seem to be quite slow. Also, to use this app on PC check out our Xender for PC title to connect your device to PC wirelessly.xender apk for Android

There is another problem with Bluetooth and infrared. With Bluetooth and Infrared, you can only send one file at a time. But files can be sent to multiple devices at a time with the help of the file transferring apps like Xender.

This app is not the only file transfer app; there are a few Xender Alternatives too. Well, I will be providing more information on this best file sharing app in this post. Let’s start with the download steps.

Steps Xender Apk Download Free | Get the best file sharing app!!

Xender could be downloaded from two different sources. The first one is Google Play Store; from here the app will be downloaded and installed directly on to your Android device.

The second step includes visiting the official website of Xender and downloading the Apk of the App. The steps for how to do that has been provided down below.

  • A download link has been provided above, Click on that.
  • The download will begin just after that and you need to wait for a few moments as the process may take some time.
  • With the completion of the download, you will receive a notification.

Downloading steps of this transferring app comes to an end with this. Another thing is that this app, Xender for PC is also available. Now let’s move forward towards the installation steps of the Xender for Android.

How to Install Xender Apk for Android?

The app is probably the best file transfer that one can get their hands on. And there are lots of features of this app that are not available in other apps. You can also get Xender for BlackBerry.

Well, here are the steps that are required to install this app on your Android device.

  • Tap on the downloaded Xender Apk file to start the installing the app.
  • And after that, the device will ask for permission for installing the App.
  • From that select “OK.”
  • The installation will begin right after that and you need to wait for a few seconds.
  • An icon of the app will appear after the completion of the installation.

That’s it. The installation steps have been completed and you can start using the app. But that doesn’t end this post.

I am quite aware of the fact that the app is quite easy to use and you can figure it out on your own. But still, I have provided a few installation steps that can be followed to use this app.

Xender Apk for Android: How to Use?

This is a kind of that is available for different platforms. Xender for iPhone is also available but you can get this app only on Apple Store for that platform.

Keeping this aside the steps for using the app has been provided below.

  • First of all, tap on the icon on the home screen.
  • Suppose that you want to send a file then you can click on the “Send” tab.

Xender Alternative

  • Wait for sometime as the App will create a network/prepares to send the file.

Xender Download

  • Now, the app will create a Wi-Fi hotspot and the device that you want to send the file needs to tap on receive and like that both the device will be connected.

Xender file transfer

Xender network

  • Now, you need to select the file that you want to send and click on send and that will be all.

  • The file will get sent immediately.
  • Suppose that you want to receive then the other user just needs to tap on “I Want To Send” option at the bottom of the screen and then you can receive.

Xender for PC

And like this, you will be able to send and receive a file through Xender. As you can see the process is quite easy to follow and you won’t face any hassle doing so. But suppose that you want to send files to an iOS device or PC, then follow the steps provided below.

For iPhone:

  • First of all, open the app and click on the “Send.”

Xender Alternative

  • Now, you will be able to see a “Connect to iOS” right after tapping on Send. Tap on that.

Xender for iOS

  • After doing that you will see a set of steps that you need follow on the iPhone and after that, you can connect both the devices with this app.

Xender download for PC

  • After connecting you can follow the usual steps to send or receive files.

Xender For PC Connectivity:

  • For transferring files with PC, tap on the “Receive” tab.
  • After that, you will see “Connect to PC” tab, tap on that.

Xender for PC download

  • Now, the below screen will appear and you need to tap on the marked area.

Xender Apk installation

  • The device will create a hotspot network, connect your PC to that network and enter the provided web address on the PC browser.

Xender download and installation

  • After that, a window will appear on the PC of this app and you will be able to transfer file now. Just drag and drop that will be all.

Xender download and installation

These are the steps that you need to follow to transfer files between Android device and iOS device or PC.

Now, that all these are over, check the features of Xender that make it the best file transfer app. The features have been provided down below.

Specifications/Features of Xender:

It has quite a lot of features that are not available with the similar kind of apps. I have listed down some of the major features of this file transferring app down below.

  • All types of files could be transferred through this app. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an app or a video file.
  • The whole process of sending files through this file sharing app is wireless. The app will create a hotspot and the other device just needs to connect to the hotspot network. After that file transfer will be easy and hassle-free. You also don’t need an internet connection for the file transfer.
  • Bluetooth is not that fast when it comes to file transfer. Whereas it is 200 times faster than Bluetooth and more over multiple files could be sent through this app.
  • Support is available for Xender for Android, Xender for iPhone a Xender for PC & Windows.
  • The app can play all types of video and audio files. Just click on them and you could play and check them before sending.

The above-mentioned features are some of the major features of Xender. Apart from these, there are several other features. You could know about these features when you start using the app.

But there are still a few unanswered questions on your mind. Well, I some of the frequently asked question about this app below.

Xender Apk for Android FAQ:

I have listed some of the most asked questions about Xender for Android. Go through these and check whether they answer all your queries or not. Hope these would be helpful to you.

FAQ 1: Do I need to root my device?

A: No. Rooting your device is not necessary. Xender works on both non-rooted and rooted devices.

FAQ 2: How much would this App cost?

A: Xender is available for free. It is available on Google Play Store for free and you can download the Apk file of the app for free too.

FAQ 3: Does this app harm my device?

A: Xender won’t harm your device in any way. It is totally safe for usage.

FAQ 4: How much data could be transferred through Xender?

A: There is no limit on the amount of data that you can share with this file sharing app. You can share as much data as you want through this app.

FAQ 5: What is the file size of Xender?

A: The file is not that big. It will not eat that much space of your device.

And that’s it. Xender is one of the best file transfer apps there is. Well, some people might speak against this app. But to be honest I have been using this app for the past 3 years and I have nothing to complain about this app. And I prefer this app over any other file transfer apps. So I suggest that you get Xender Apk and transfer files at light speed and if you have iOS device then you can also download Xender for iOS.

If there are any further questions then do let me know by commenting below. I would try to answer them as soon as possible. Hope the provided information was of help to you.

Download Xender Apk for Android Latest Version 2018 (No Root)
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