File sharing via cables and Bluetooth is kind of mess and old fashion. Download Xender for iPhone/iOS or in Mac device, which is a convenient way to transfer files device to device. Xender popularly used on Smartphone sending big (or small) data with significantly lesser time. This uses the Wi-Fi feature of your device and makes it available to receive or transfer 200x time faster than Bluetooth.

And when it is about Xender for Mac and iOS, you probably looking for a proper way for sending/receiving. iOS and Mac always limited to some useful feature that most of the Android user enjoying. You can’t actually send picture and videos using the Bluetooth. Well, there is an AirDrop feature which allows you sending files to the same OS platform.  So, what about sending files to other platforms like Android, Windows Mobile? It is a real pain for most iPhone/iPad and Mac users when they need to send a file. Previously, I have shared the complete guide on Xender for PC. Well, today I am going to resolve the certain issue; and give you ways get free Xender for iOS/iPad or iPhone and Mac.

Xender for iPhone/iOS/Mac Download:

Shareit apk and Xender are the dominating kings for transferring file among the Smartphone users. It works cross-platform for sending the image, documents,  videos and much more. The transfer rate is extremely fast that doesn’t require data cable, internet connection on your iPhone and doesn’t use the data plan.

xender for iphone

iPhone user definitely needs it whenever they want to get a new iPhone and wish to backup all the same files and system setting on new iPhone. It has Phone Replicate feature that allows transferring all things from the old iPhone. Certainly, it makes you easier to get the same device settings and profile without manually doing it all. Like this, your all device contacts and emails also would be back up to the new device and make it quicker to set up your new iPhone.

Moreover, this utility tool supports many languages that include many major international languages. Another good thing is that it can be download officially as Xender for Mac and iOS version. So, don’t worry, I will give you the official way to get this app for your iPhone/iPad and Mac OS. Don’t be fooled into downloading the Xender on Mac with the help of emulators, as you are getting Xender app Mac version and obviously an iOS version. Well, a lot of things to talk about Xender app download, before we go more about Xender download here are some of the top facts you need to know.

Top Features of Xender for iPhone/iPad/Mac:

As said before Xender is one of the best utility apps sharing files for Smartphone users. And definitely, there are some major points that make it top of its class. Here in below, you will know its all important features, which you will be taking advantage after downloading the app.

xender for iOS

  • Cross-platform sharing can be done; share files between same OS or different doesn’t matter now with Xender app for iPhone.
  • AirDrop does need iOS platform to work, whereas Xender can receive/send files from any device. With this app, you can share files between Mac/PC as well.
  • Xender uses your device Wi-Fi technology and share files extremely fast or 200x times faster than Bluetooth. Hence, it takes lesser time sharing files wirelessly and make convenient medium sharing files to your PC.
  • Group sharing lets you connecting with 4 users and sharing simultaneously each-other.
  • Support any files sharing including image, videos, documents etc.
  • Easy to share files between with any platform.
  • Phone Replicate feature allows to backup all the files and system setting on your new device.
  • No internet connection, USB cable needed sending or receiving files.

These features make Xender app one of the dominating files sharing app among most Operating Systems. And this is why most of the smartphone user love to download this app on their smartphone. If you haven’t download it on your iPhone/iPad or Mac then you are recommended to download it.

Name of AppXender
JailBreakNo Need
Release Year2017
No.of Downloads60,000+

Xender for iOS/iPhone/iPad:

File sharing app is very useful on any Smartphone and when it comes to iPhone, it is essential than anything. If you haven’t get it on your iOS device then here is an official download link for Xender iOS version. This is a free file transfer app, which you can download from the App Store. Click on the below given download option to get Xender for iPhone/iPad/iOS:

This link will take you to the App Store on the Xender download page. Unlike other app downloads, tap on the download button and it will get downloaded on your iPhone/iPad. Soon after download complete, Xender will be installed on the device. Hence, you can download Xender for iOS or iPad, iPhone for free.

Xender for Mac download:

Sharing files with PC and Mac always been a headache. Convenient USB cable and download iTunes application like a nightmare for iOS and Mac user. You can make it simple by downloading Xender on Mac. By downloading it, you can transfer very quickly (same transfer rate)  without any cable connection. So, jump into the smart method for sharing files between your smartphone and Mac;

To Use Xender app on Mac click on the link given below:

  • Well, to use Xender on Mac, you just need a web-version of it. This link will take you to Xender Web and show you a QR code on the web page.
  • Now launch the Xender iPhone app on your Smartphone. Go to the Options and tap on Connect PC and Scan.
  • The camera will be open; focus your camera on the QR showing page on your Mac.xender for mac
  • Your smartphone and Mac will be connected and now you can share files between the device.

Need to transfer files from a device to device? Here you might have seen the better way sharing files with Xender for iPhone. Also, ways to download Xender for Mac and iOS; download it now and enjoy faster file transferring between any platform.

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Final words:

Get into the faster way of file receiving/sending without any cost, cable. Simply download the app on your device and start using features that already mentioned on this page. If you want some other similar apps like Xender then you can read my detailed article too.

Xender for iPhone/iOS- Get Xender on MacOS (Download Latest Version)
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