YouTube has released the dark theme in March 2018 for several platforms. However, immediately the iOS has received the updates to apply the dark theme in YouTube app. On the other hand, YouTube for Android has been testing this dark theme feature for the last few months. Recently it has seems that more YouTube users are rolling out this dark theme feature which is definitely loved just like the testing of Story feature of YouTube. Most of the YouTube users are telling that the dark theme is now live and available in their YouTube version 13.35.51. As a result, this feature is now going to receive in many users Android devices. If you are currently using YouTube on Android and not getting the dark theme then close the current app tab and reopen it now.

Android users can also visit the Google Play and search for the updates of YouTube app. Once this feature is available for your device, it will automatically appear in the bottom of your mobile screen. By default, this theme will remain turn ON for an Android phone like its previously updated feature to play Youtube in background.You can also turn this feature off by navigating to the settings of the YouTube app. For toggle the control, you need to click on Account icon and then click on Settings option and choose General.

What’s New in this Dark Theme?

As similar to the YouTube dark theme available in iOS devices and Web, the dark theme for Android will look like a dark grey in color. At previous every navigation pages, search pages, etc. look like completely in the white background. Now you can transform that older look into a new one using the dark theme. Those who use the AMOLED screen Android devices, they can view this dark theme little bit in different colour compared to the default one.

Using this dark theme on YouTube app will help you out to save the power and helps you to keep your eyes comfortable while using the app at night time. To get the live demo of the YouTube dark theme you can just open the YouTube web in your PC and explore every advantage of this theme in your screen now. Otherwise,e if you having any iOS device, then open the App and feel the user experience of this dark theme for YouTube.

Final Words:

At last in the Twitter, YouTube team has tweeted on yesterday that the dark theme – ‘it’s coming soon to Android’. From this official tweet, you can be sure that it will come to your device also very quickly. However, for getting this feature you need to keep on thing in your mind that the YouTube App for Android is updated to the latest version only which also has the Time Spent feature.

While you are going to update your App, the new things or the features are also listed out in the detail update option. Here you can also check out what is new coming in the current update of the YouTube App. Keep using the dark theme of YouTube for Android and in other available platforms too for avail the better performance and experience too.


YouTube Dark Theme Is Now Rolling Out For Android
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