While WhatsApp has made things a little difficult for users with WhatsApp to Google drive backup. YouTube has now come up with a handy feature that will let its user know about how much time they spend watching videos. Ever wondered how much time you spend every day on YouTube be it watching a new episode of “What’s your Status” or looking at “Unbox Therapy” for some cool new tech unboxing, well all that is possible now with the new YouTube update.

The feature is named “Time Watched” which is a definitely something that no one expected yet would come in handy every single day. You will be able to access this data right from the user’s account page that is available on the top right corner.

How is the “Time Watched” time calculated?

Time Watched is calculated every single day and the amount of time needed to do the calculation is based on the time you spent watching any random videos on YouTube. But do note that the time you spend watching content on YouTube TV and YouTube Music will not be calculated.

Time watched

Also, if you are not signed in or if you are on incognito mode, YouTube will no longer be able to track your time spend for any specific video that you watch. So, YouTube has kept its stand on how much privacy is set for people who don’t want the time calculated for videos that they watch privately. This means you will not have any privacy issue in terms of watch private videos which you don’t want to be tracked on history nor on the new Time Watched YouTube feature.

As YouTube has clearly stated by saying;

“Our goal is to provide a better understanding of time spent on YouTube, so you can make informed decisions about how you want YouTube to best fit into your life.”

Time Watched on iOS and Android:

You will be able to see this feature on both your Android and iOS devices. To view, the time Watched feature simply launch the YouTube app, Click on the top right corner Profile icon and on the top second list you will be able to see the “Time Watched” option.

Here in the Time Watched section you will be able to see 4 different states, Today, Yesterday, Past week and Daily average.

Time to watch

There are a few additional stats and setting that you will be able to see in the “Time Watched” which was already there but now it has been presented right on Time Watched. One of the features is a Time Reminder which will remind you after a certain period of time that you have been watching for XYZ time.

With this amazing new featured added to YouTube, you are now set to figure out and learn about how much time you basically spend on YouTube every single day and be ready for more upcoming YouTube features. In fact, this is another big update by YouTube after the dark theme update on the mobile phone.

These are the new exciting features that are added in the new update of the YouTube. Actually, this new features that YouTube has added are going to be very helpful for all the viewers as they can monitor on how much time they are spending daily streaming videos online. Also, they can easily manage their view time with the work time. The best part is that this feature is already available, so if you haven’t yet updated the YouTube app on your phone then get the app updated and enjoy new exciting features of  YouTube. Drop your comment on what you think of this new features added on the YouTube.

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