YouTube is one of the best platforms to share videos or vlogs and it has lots of independent creators who share videos every day and has lots of followers. But lots of creators have a very similar complaint to YouTube saying that they are unable to optimize their video and earn with the standard advertisement. So YouTube has gone through many updates solving the issue that the YouTube Creators are not earning enough money. So recently YouTube has come with a new feature which is very much similar with the features of Twitch, and the best part is that YouTube is paying its famous creator for promoting this new feature of YouTube.

YouTube sponsor

This new feature of YouTube was released last year for a few numbers of a creator as a testing purpose after YouTube has gone through lots of business upgrades and lots of creators complaining the same thing. This feature is derived from Twitch which is going to be another competitor to YouTube in coming days. So let’s have a look at the new update of YouTube in brief and check out what amount are they paying to their creators to promote the new features.

What is the new feature:

The new feature that YouTube has introduced is the new Sponsor feature where any subscriber can sponsor the creator and get a few extra features. For example, if you purchase the sponsor of any YouTube creator on the channel then you will be able to pin your comment in the beginning. So the more you pay the longer your comment stay pinned in the video where you have sponsored. This feature is available on very limited creators. This feature was released on January 2017 and the feature replaced the Fan Funding feature of the YouTube.

Well in this feature you will not only be able to pin your comment in the front of the video, but you can also have a personal conversation or personal video chat with the creator discussing something. So this is some of the exciting features of the new update of the YouTube that will benefit both the viewers and the creator.

How much is YouTube Paying:

youtube paying creators

So to promote the new feature of YouTube they have been paying to all the popular creators with huge followers. So now the creator will not have many complaints about the earning issue as they can ear something extra except for the traditional advertisement. Well, when it comes to earning there are some terms and condition, so in this feature whenever someone sponsors the creator for a month paying some amount of money, 30 percent of the money will be taken by YouTube and the other 70 percent for the creator which is a pretty amazing step taken by YouTube.

So these are the new feature that YouTube has recently launched and is even paying the creators to promote this amazing features. Well, the offers look interesting and are very easy to use. The only thing is that you need to pay monthly charges if you are a viewer and want to sponsor the creator you like the most. So comment down below on what you think about the feature that YouTube has recently updated.

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