Download YoWhatsApp apk latest version for Android from this article and let me to knowing deeply all about YoWa app download. Yo WhatsApp latest version apk is a mod app that brings the most wanted feature to the WhatsApp users. Everyone knows what it is like to use Whatsapp on smartphones but have you ever thought of using of experiencing more features than ever? In that case, this mod WhatsApp app is definitely the best choice for your Android device. Hence, Download the latest version YoWhatsapp APK for Android today to unlock several features of your WhatsApp Account. Coming here you might love to have a look at GBWhatsApp apk that is also popular WhatsApp mod.

Speaking of the WhatsApp messenger it is highly used in today’s world to stay in touch with your friends or for having the conversations. The numbers of the users are increasing day by day and millions of the people use YoWhatsApp on Android device.YoWhatsApp apkSpeaking of Whatsapp it is simple and secure or reliable messaging app available for Smartphone. The messaging service of Whatsapp is fast and lets you connect with people from all over the world. This messaging application is especially build to make business interactions. And it is a tool to start the conversation with people like friends, family, and colleagues.

Even though Whatsapp has several features to offer it user but you can unlock more features just by using YoWhatsapp mode apk on your phone. And today we will discuss with you about the app and provide all the necessary information that you need to know.

YoWhatsapp APK for Android

YoWhatsapp is basically a modified version of the original WhatsApp. It is developed by some unknown or third-party apps. And this modified app is quite different from the original Whatsapp app and comes with incredible features. Some of the extra features that we will get to see are like blue tick hidden and changing the chat themes. Speaking of the mods apps there are lots of them available on the internet and YoWhatsapp.

And here you will also find out the inbuilt app lock and lots more features. In this post, we will discuss with you regarding the APK file in details and will provide all the necessary information.

Apk NameYoWhatsApp
Latest App VersionV.7.40
App Size44.27 MB
App TypeWhatsApp Mod
Additional NameYoWa
App DeveloperYousef Al Basha
Root PermissionNot Required
App Updated19 March, 2018
File FormatYo-WhatsApp.Apk
App Download10 Millions

Useful Features of YoWhatsapp Apk Than Official version

In this section, we will be talking about the features of YoWhatsapp that you will not get in WhatsApp official App. Check out the features that the modified version of Whatsapp has to offer to its user.

  • Theme Support: Themes are regarded as one of the top features available in YoWhatsapp. And you will find it only in the updated version of the app. Not only that, you can also change the layout style at any time and many times you wish to. You will receive more and more layouts with each time the apps get updated.Theme in WhatsApp mod
  • Privacy Control: It comes with impressive privacy settings giving you the access to hide the online status. Now you can easily hide the online status or hide the blue tick or double ticks or typing/recording status and many others.yoWhatsApp for Android
  • Password and Fingerprint Lock: The App lock features not only maintain your privacy but also protect your chats and protect your phone from the unknown users. And no one will be longer or able to sneak peak on the personal messages that you receive in your phone. The in-built lock-in feature helps you to keep your phone secure by using the PIN or password or Fingerprint. And not only that, you can also show or hide the pattern or use a PIN to for safety from unauthorized users.WhatsApp lock feature in YoWhatsApp
  • Send To Anyone: It gives you the access to send messages to anyone you like and send a text message without any trouble. And it is not necessary that your contacts must be saved into the recipient WhatsApp account. To avail this feature the only thing you require is to have a registered WhatsApp on your Smartphone.install Yo WhatsApp
  • Free To Share Big Files: Share media files such as documents or files or images with your friends or family or colleagues. There is a limitation set to send or upload files in other WhatsApp account like a maximum file size of 700 MB can be sent.WhatsApp mod download
  • Send Original Resolution Images: Everyone is aware of the fact WhatsApp compresses the image files and saves data. And this feature occupies less space on the Smartphone, allows you to send low-quality pictures of the images. You can reduce the large size of full resolution images to later upload on any social network account. And this mod gives you the best and unique way to share the full-size images without compressing the files.send full resolution images in WhatsApp
  • Maximum Pin: In YoWhatsApp you can pin over 1000 number of chat which gives you pin at least three conversations on the top. You may know that it cant be done in official WhatsApp app.YoWa apk download
  • No Limit for Status: Basically with the official app, we are limited to set text status or WhatsApp bio with up to some extent but YoWa apk or app will allow you to have with up to 500 characters. Moreover, like your photo and text status is only valid for next 24 hours in WhatsApp app, in YoWhatsApp apk you can set them as long as you want.
  • Do not disturb call: By setting the call privacy you can perform call separately and this will not disturb you at the time of working.

WhatsApp user must see Best WhatsApp Statuses, to use it as your status in Yo WhatsApp app after installation. As there is no limitation of character and time duration for settled status in your YoWa app.

YoWhatsapp Updated Version Changelog 7.40:

In this section, we will discuss regarding the changelog that we get to see the YoWhatsApp updated version 7.40. Check out each of the change as provided below in step-wise.

  • There is a change in base updated to 2.18.65.
  • My picture in conversation which is either outside or inside. And updates like call blocker or who can call me the option.
  • There is white navigation bar that supports Android version higher than 8.0+.
  • At least 7 numbers of new icons are added along with Azerbaijani language.
  • And you can now set your or any image as the background on the homepage itself.
  • Choose a place and set an image which is next to all or first or last bubble.
  • Automatically save the themes and also you can create theme .zip file.
  • Nickname of the participants of the group is not colored.
  • Now you can save the theme in automatic mode and then create a zip file of the theme.
  • Incredible my picture option which is on the outside or inside of the groups.
  • 7 new icons are added now in the updated version.
  • Yowidget load theme does not apply the wallpaper.
  • You will find the widget background color and language translation of Indonesia.
  • By using the fingerprint lock option chat and lock the app itself.
  • The size of the emoji-changer is now reduced to 44 MB.
  • The icon counter is fixed and with view bar text color in status.
  • Easily delete all the previous messages that are old more than 1 year.
  • Increase the limit that is over 30 seconds for videos to GIF.
  • The update fixed the bug and brings many other improvements.

Download Latest & Updated version of YoWhatsApp MOD APK:

Before we get started, there are few things that you need to know about YoWhatsapp. The APK package of the file is not officially available to download from Google Play Store. And for that reason, we are going to provide you install and download procedure of YoWhatsapp. Check out the details as provided below.

Downlaod Yo WhatsApp 7.40

Yo WhatsApp 7.35 apk

Download YoWa

Here you can download the older version if the latest YoWhatsApp 7.40 version doesn’t work on your Android device. After downloading the apk package, let me help you installing the app on the device.

Install YoWhatsapp APK on Android Free

Make sure that, your device must be running on an Android version of 4.4.2, Jellybean. And higher than 4.4.2 Android version phones are compatible to run Yo Whatsapp latest apk. If you don’t have these requirements on your phone then it is expected that your device will fail to run the app. and to start the download and install process. Check out the steps as mentioned below in step-wise.

[Note: Since Android Smartphone does not simply allow the installation of non-market or third-party apps by default. It is very important that you must change the behavior of your device. And after that only you will be able to install the apk file on your selected Smartphone.]

  • First Step: Go to the Settings of your Android device and then scroll down the page and stop at “Personal”
  • Second Step: Now tap on the “Lock screen and security” And then scroll down the page again and stop at “Security” option.YoWa download
  • Third Step: And tap on the “Unknown sources” to allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store.
  • Fourth Step: Download the latest version of YoWa APK free, if you have not done it yet. Open the folder of stored YoWhatsapp APK file where you have stored the downloaded file. And then tap on the file.
  • Fifth Step: Now into the next screen you will receive Install and Cancel button, select Install to proceed. Wait until the process is complete, and when it is done installed successfully notification will appear on your phone screen.
  • Sixth Step: After that, now it is time to register with the number that you wish to use Whatsapp secondary account. And speaking of the procedure it is the same as that of the official Whatsapp registration process.
  • Seventh Step: The last step is verification step, where you have to verify your name and provide profile name. And you are ready to use Yo Whatsapp app once the verification is complete and then customize the settings in your ways.

This is the complete details of the process to install and download YoWhatsapp APK on your phone. In the next section, we will discuss about the frequently asked questions on the App.

Also Note: Location “Unknown sources” option may vary as per the device manufacturer. Some of the manufacturers have a search option, which allows finding directly any settings option or menu. So, the Unknown sources enabling method or location may differ as per your Android device manufacturer.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

  • Is it necessary to install the official App of Whatsapp to use YoWhatsapp APK?

No, it is not needed as you can use both of the apps continuously at the same time. Also, you can use any other mods such as GBwhatsapp or OG Whatsapp or Whatsapp plus and many more.

  • Is it safe and secure to install YoWhatsapp APK and use it on Android device?

Yes, it is completely safe to use. YoWhatsapp mod is secure to use and it use the same server that is applied in the official WhatsApp. Send your message or private photos or any important document file without worrying.

  • Is it possible to use the same phone number in both YoWhatsapp and official Whatsapp?

No, you cannot use the same Android phone in both YoWhatsapp and official WhatsApp account. This is not possible because you will have to register or login with the same number. And then, later on, it will ask for you to automatically log out from any of the selected devices. Also, you are allowed to use several numbers to take the benefits of WhatsApp messaging service.

  • Is it possible in YoWhatsapp to create two accounts with Parallel Space?

Yes, it is possible. And you can resourcefully use the parallel space and enjoy the features of the app. Enjoy the services on both of your Whatsapp accounts on your selected device. And for this, you may require several phone numbers.

  • Is YoWhatsapp for iPhone or iOS available?

No, it is not available. And there is no official announcement that is made by the developer for iOS device. YoWhatsapp can be used on iOS device by using an iOS emulator for Android device.

  • What makes YoWhatsapp latest apk incredible than any other mods such as GBWhatsapp or Whatsapp Plus?

The material design is basically what makes YoWhatsapp unique from any other mods. It is simple and incredible in its look with lots of themes available to use. However, you can check out the other existing mods like GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp APK, and WhatsApp Plus, which are also great WhatsApp mods.

Get YoWhatsApp Mod APK for Android Now

All of these were for YoWa apk download and its latest version feature explanation. There is a doubt that Whatsapp is regarded as the most popular messengers in the world of messaging. Speaking of the Mods are available they are available in all over the internet and is gaining its popularity like anything else.

Because these, WhatsApp mods come with expanded features or has more freedom to do with it. Most of the people think it is best to use mods and take the full benefits of the features of YoWhatsapp latest apk version. So, without wasting any time we suggest you to download YoWhatsapp APK free on your Android now.

Download YoWhatsApp APK Latest V.7.40 for Android (YoWa APK Free)
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