Z Launcher APK Download for All Android Device – Full Version!!

The all new Nokia Z Launcher apk download link is here to assist you throughout your daily life. With Nokia finally taking a step towards Android OS for their latest devices, users can be sure to view a lot of surprises starting with the Nokia’s own Z Launcher. If you are annoyed of the all the different windows that you have to go through to grab the app you need & when you need it quickly then Z launcher apk can be a great solution. Nokia has taken the concept of Android interface and put it through a filter to scrub out what you don’t need. And in the end, what you have is a simplistic launcher by Nokia “The Z Launcher”.Z launcher apk download

If you are already using a launcher then this can be a shot for the money as the Z launcher is turning out to be one of the best launchers of 2017. With a genuinely minimalistic design and over the top simplistic working of the launcher, the Z launcher is one of those launchers that you definitely need to try.

So, today in this topic here we will be talking all about how the Z Launcher apk is better than your existing that you might be using and if you are using the default android launcher then this can be a great choice as you very first launcher.

Z Launcher Apk Download: No Looking Back for Other Launcher!

Yes, it is true Z launcher is truly one of the most simplistic launchers that you would get in 2017 (until someone copies it of course). The Z launcher is the simplistic version of Android launcher that you can get, Yes there are a lot of fancy looking launcher out there which can make your device look like a self-working AI. But what can be better than a launcher that can provide you with a way to control and access all the stuff that you have on your device from one simple place, right?download z launcher apk

And if you want a simple launcher than Z launcher is what you need. The Nokia Z launcher apk download comes with many unique features that will make you fall in love with it. Yes, you may find few of them in other launchers too but I found this to the only launcher where the features match perfectly with the concept of simplicity. Let us have a look the features of the Z launcher apk which makes it worth trying.

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Features of Z Launcher Apk:

This launcher is packed with many intuitive features that make your Android visual interface pro looking. Check out the features of it if you are confused about getting this launcher, and  I know you will be interested in Z Launcher apk.

  1. Scribbling Search:

This is probably the feature that you are going to use most if you are going to use the Z Launcher. The scribble feature is a clean and elegant feature of Z launcher apk which allows you to search for anything on your android device by scribbling the first letter of the app, contact, or any other stuff that you are searching for.

If you are searching for something that isn’t there on your device then you will automatically be forwarded to the web with the search result, which I must say is a great thing. For now, as the Z launcher apk download is in its beta version, so you can scribble up to 4 letters at a time, anymore than that will either take you to the web or will return you to the home screen. (What more can you expect from a beta version right).

  1. Most Used Apps Home Screen:

Don’t you just hate it when you have to go through all the Home screens on your device to access the app that you use mostly? Yes, you can customize it and bring it to the front but with Nokia Z launcher you don’t have to do anything at all. All you have to do is use the app for a few time and then you will see the magic as Z launcher automatically brings you the app right on the home screen.Z launcher full version apk

This is how Z launcher makes accessing your most used apps much easier. And if you using a new app more then it will be automatically be sorted in front and in ascending order of the app used.

  1. Dock for Easy to Access Apps:

You can customize up to 4 apps to put it on the launcher dock. All you have to do is find the app, hold, drag and drop it on the launcher dock.

  1. App List for Non Frequently used Apps:

And now when it comes to the apps that you don’t use all the time you will find them on the App List that you can access from the Home Screen as well. You can scroll through the whole list of apps using a scrolling well which makes finding apps easier.

  1. Easy to Access Stuff:

You can easily access the launcher’s setting & Play Store from the Home Screen as well. You can find them on the top right corner of the Home Screen.

  1. Theme Change with Time:

Last but not the least, the theme will adapt with time which means you will get a sunshine theme during daytime and night mode them during night time. Both the themes elegant and are also on auto change mode so you don’t have to worry about it and it makes out to be a great feature as well.

These are the features of Z launcher apk that you will definitely love. While using the launcher I did come across 2 things that didn’t bother me but might bother other. Let’s have a look at that too.

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Download Z Launcher APK for Free:

Well, you might know that this launcher was exclusive to the Nokia users, but fortunately, you can try it now on all Android device. So, find out a download link for your Android device here in below;

Z Launcher apk download

[Click here for Z Launcher APK Download for Free]

Cons on Z Launcher APK:

  1. Icon and Home screen management are not good for customizers. Which means you can’t arrange icons as you wish to. (I think that won’t be needed as you will get all that apps that you use mostly right in front of you.
  2. If you want to hide anything specific, that you play games or chat too much then the mostly used apps list which is set in front will leave you exposed as I said you can’t customize it to your wish. (Hope this will be customizable in the full version).

There you have it. These were the facts and features that makes the all new Beta Z launcher apk download by Nokia worth a try. As for me, well I am sticking to this launcher for a long time, well who doesn’t love a simple and elegant launcher right. Let me know if there any queries for this launcher you want to know, you can add the comment here below in the comment section.

Z Launcher APK Download for All Android Device – Full Version!!
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